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Trends to try this Spring and Summer

Updated on April 18, 2013

About This Blog

Today's blog is going to be all about fashion trends to try out this summer but let's get an early start to it; let's start now in the spring.

Now people always ask me how I can just walk out of the house wearing the latest trends that most people are too scared to do. And that's the problem right there. Don't worry about it. Wear whatever you feel like wearing.

Not giving a shit is the key to pulling something off. Just do it.

So if you see this, it's more than a blog; It's a challenge.

I hope you guys like my blog and try out some things you see.

Crop Top with a skirt

It's Adorable

I say just go for it. It's girly but sexy at the same time. Not to sound like a valley girl but this is the new 'Belly Shirt Crave'. It just makes sense.

Look, if the have the body; just do it.

Cut Out Dress

This is another one where if you have the body - just go for it.

But, if the cut outs are not not too low, more people and sizes can get away with this because it's not show casing the area that people are so judgemental about - the pooch of the belly. This kind of dress can make you look skinnier than you really are yet it's so comfortable.


I'm not sure why but some people are still afraid of High-Low dresses, skirts and shirts. I personally can't get enough of them. You will look like a fashionista in a high-low. You'll look like you really put some thought into what you wear when really they're comfortable as heck.


To be completely honest, I'm not sure what kind of thoughts run through peoples heads when they think about retro clothing.

It's coming back in big ways. You can't tell me you don't think this is freaking cute; It's adorable! Yet I don't see it nearly as often as I should. Come on ladies, get your Rockabilly on already. I know you want to. And there are subtle ways of doing it, too. Just go with a skirt with a modern shirt and no underskirt -perfect.


Look guys, it doesn't have to be real leather. Try on some 'leather-like' leggings or light vest. Even the tiniest little bit of it can make a whole entire outfit. And it's not just for people who are trying to look bad-ass. It can look really girly as well. Um, have you seen anything Demi Lovato wears? No? Google it, please.


Trust me, no one is going to throw you in jail. And by the way, they don't even wear stripes in jail anymore. But i would stay away from bright orange jump suits.

This is a very hot pattern to go with, especially in black and white. Ever seen a Tim Burton movie? They're awesome, huh? Well a huge reason why the costumes in his movies are so cute; because the patterns and designs are a tad bit crazy at times but they're sexy at the same time. They're bold.

The same thing goes with the skirt shown here. It kind of looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie but it's hot. Just try it. Do it.

Cowboy Boots

Now some people seem to think that cowboy boots are 'so last year'. But just because they were really popular one year, does not mean they will be out of style the next. Especially in The South. I mean, they were popular for a reason; they're adorable. Not to mention they really make a guys head turn.

Cowboy boots can say so many things. They can say 'I'm still a Teenage Dream'. They can say 'I'm a Fire Cracker'. They can even say 'Hey guys, I'm a Slut'. It's all depending on how you wear them. I personally wear them with circle skirts that are no more than 3 inches above the knee; which says 'I'm a Country Girl. But I'm Classy, too.'

Mustard yellow

Yes, we really are getting into colors now. Mustard yellows are very, very in this season. They're yellow, which is a girly color at any shade. It's also a summertime color. But what I love the most about this trend is that it's classy and yes, even mature.

This is a trend that will even challenge me. I love pink. That's just the kind of girl I am. But I will go to the mall and get something mustard yellow even though I think I might not like wearing it at first. But I will wear it, because it's cute. It may be a different kind of cute but all the same - cute.

This is what fashion is all about guys - stepping outside your comfort zone to wear something you might think would only look good on someone else.


I'll make this one short and sweet. Sometimes fringe can be a little tacky. But if you can get it right, it's awesome. So why not put them on a sexy pair of shoes?

hey, if it works, it works. Right?

Snake Skin

I know, right? SEXY and you know it. You can't deny these babies.

If the snake skin is not a tacky turquoise color like it came straight from the 90's, it's a hit!


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      3 years ago

      where can i find the cutout maxi dress??


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