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Trendy Beard Styles of 2016

Updated on October 27, 2016


A gentleman can be defined by many attributes and the one defining characteristic that will stand out will be a man’s beard. Beards have been worn throughout the ages by greats such as Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln and even Steve Jobs. Seeing that the beard is here to stay, what beard styles can a man spot that will make him stand out?

There are diverse beard styles to choose from. You need to understand that various factors should be considered before you finally make your choice of beard style such as the shape of your face. Remember, what looks good on someone else may not look fabulous on you.

“Enough already,” I can almost hear you yelling. “Beard styles please.” So without further ado, gentlemen, here are the trendiest beard styles of 2016.


The mustache is a classic that has weathered all beard storms and has firmly stood the test of time. One of the trendiest beard styles of the year the question is not whether you will wear one but how to wear it.

How Do You Achieve It?

Let the hair grow on the upper lip to provide shape and contrast. You can also choose between having it on a clean shaven face or with a groomed beard. A mustache will fit almost all men, and there are variations to it so you can tweak yours to fit your personality.

Clean Shaven Look

This one will on no occasion go out of fashion. Some men prefer just not to keep any beard and would rather be clean shaven. If you work in the business world, you will be at ease as beards are yet to be fully accepted here. The good thing is that it is a perfect match for all.

How to achieve the clean shaven look

Assemble your trimmers and cartridges. Now take off that hair!

Circle Beard Style

This beard style is also known as the standard beard. It is a combination between a goatee and a mustache. It looks fantastic and is for those men who would love to look great without letting their beard go. An absolute must have for young corporate executives.

It is best suited for oval and round faces.

How to Get It

Ensure that you have grown some reasonable amount of hair on the chin and upper lip to avoid over trimming. We recommend that you visit a barber to achieve the perfectly rounded shape

as it can be tricky to attain. Once it is done, you can do the subsequent shaping and trimming yourself at home.

Circle Beard Style

Circle beard style is pretty popular among middle aged guys
Circle beard style is pretty popular among middle aged guys

The Extended Goatee

It is also called the tailback. The extended goatee is a blend of a mustache and goatee. The beard style is different from a full beard as the sideburns are shaved off and is a picture-perfect match for oval and square faces.

How to Get It

Ensure that you have grown a medium stubble before you attempt to shape your beard. Do not shave the mustache. Now shave the sideburns and adjust by your preference.

How to trim a goatee

The Full Beard

Of all the beard styles out there, this one appears to be the manliest! This style is preferred by most of the menfolk as it accentuates most of the features of the face.

It is best suited for people with triangle, inverted triangle or diamond fade shapes.

How Best To Get It

The full beard is sorely dependent on genetics. If your facial hair grows easily, then achieving it will be a breeze. You simply let your hair grow to medium stubble. Afterwards, you shape it equally with a razor.

Give it six weeks before you shave. Trim it right after to maintain its length.


Which beard style defines you?

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The Stubble

This beard style is easy to maintain, does not make you look untidy and yet has a manly look. There are no special methods required for its upkeep. It works well if you are capable of growing your beard quickly and possess a strong chin.

It is a perfect match for all face types.

How to Get It

Skip shaving your beard for 1 or 2 days. After that, just trim it to keep its length. You can opt to shave the hair around the neck area and maintain the one on the lower areas of your face.


A stubble is sometimes all a man needs. It is  one of the stand-out beard styles
A stubble is sometimes all a man needs. It is one of the stand-out beard styles


Also known as mutton chops or side whiskers. You may be forgiven for thinking that this beard style is outdated but not so. This is a classic.

They mostly fit those people with circular or square shaped faces.

How to Achieve It

It is very simple to develop sideburns. Just let the moustache grow until it joins the sideburns. Shave your facial hair on the lower lip.


Sideburns make a man look so distinguished
Sideburns make a man look so distinguished

The Imperial

This beard style became popular during the second empire. It is a moustache, and you can incorporate it your chin beards or sideburns. However keep your beard needs to be simple so that the moustache can be the unique feature on your face.

Most suited for oblong or rectangular faces.

How to Get the Look

Throw away your razor for the next three months or so. You need to grow your whiskers till they are long enough to be shaped and trimmed. Shave the sideburns and the hair that is close to your moustache. After you have shaped it, you can start curling the ends to achieve that imperial look.

You can use either beard oil or wax to maintain the curl.

The Van Dyke

The name of this beard style was derived from the Flemish painter Van dyke. It was the mark of the man. The van Dyke is a peculiar kind of goatee. The chin hair and moustache do not connect.

It is most appropriate for men with a narrow chin.

How To Achieve It

Grow your facial hair till it becomes long stubble. Shape your beard with a trimmer. Shave all the facial hair on the neck, cheek and sideburns. Do not touch the hair on the moustache. Shape the hair on your chin to an inverted T. let your facial hair on the neck grow to 2 inches. Trim now and then to get the V look.

Maintaining Your Beard Styles

To keep your beard style shining in all its glory, you need to have a regular grooming routine. Left to run wild, your beard can be home to numerous bacteria making your vulnerable to infections. Wash every other day with a mild beard shampoo and do not forget to condition so that your beard remains manageable, clean and soft always.

Dry with a towel, and if there are tangles, we recommend you use a wooden comb to detangle. Now go and rock your world.


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