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Trendy Boat Shoes

Updated on April 21, 2013

Stylish Boat Shoes

The sun's out and the boating life is calling. With any sure fire captain you're going to need the right equipment. Wither you actually have boat or not, these dock shoes can help bring out the sophisticated yacht look where ever you go. The best trendy boat shoes have a balance between function and style with comfort leading the way.

A few topsiders to get started

Just don't loose your new shoes!

A Charming Boating Story

There was once a man who lived in a small fishing village around San Juan. He worked very hard and would sell any excess fish to the nearby market. A wealthy businessman was vacationing in the area and ran across the man selling his fish. The man's work ethic impressed the distinguished businessman and he walked over to start up a conversation.

"So you have a nice business here, don't you?", inquired the businessman. "Yes, but it's not a business, I usually only catch enough to feed my family.", he replied. "Ah," the businessman replied, "Then what do you do with your time after that?". "Well, I fish enough to feed my family, sell the extra, go nap with my wife, play with my kids, then make music and dance throughout the night".

"Very interesting", the businessman remarked, "But what if you fished just a little more, sold all that extra for more profit. Do some saving and buy another boat. Then, acquire more equipment to help gather more fish. Pretty soon, you can even hire extra help. This will help you grab in even more fish. With some wise use of money, you can put some away to start a feet of fishing ships. Your company will keep growing the harder you work and eventually you'll need an office. Maybe this will require you to move to Miami and set up an entire fishing company that's a major player in the local market."

"Ok", said the villager, "Then what after that?". "Well now.", he replied, "Then you will have enough capitol to retire and be free to nap with your wife, play with your kids, make music and dance throughout the night."

The villager just put his hand on the businessman's shoulder and walked away...

For the days on the water or styling out on land

Why Being on a Boat is Awesome

Why I love Sperrys

Okay so obviously not everyone who has Sperrys has a boat. But, I still feel like a boss when I wear them. In college, every guy had at least a pair of ugly, worn out Sperrys for everyday and a nice pair for going out. They were comfortable, lightweight, and showed off my muscular calves/ankles. Some boat shoes just do not do proper justice that Sperrys has been able to accomplish. They can be worn dressy or just plain 'I don't give a *%&$*' style. That is why, it is an honor to present to you just a small collection of proper Sperrys that can really add to your boat shoe collection.

The Classics

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Mako 2-Eye Canoe Moc Amaretto Size 9.5
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Mako 2-Eye Canoe Moc Amaretto Size 9.5

"These shoes are of great quality and very comfortable.”



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