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Trendy Wellies

Updated on November 6, 2016

Wellington Boots.

Wellington Brief History

Wellington boots are great boots with a fairly long history going as far back as the 19th century. The 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley made them popular and fashionable among the British aristocracy. These boots have moved from leather to rubber and from the time only soldiers wore them to the war front. Everyone wears them now and they have become increasingly fashionable. They can now be seen adorning people's feet in the fields as well as at social events. It's fashionable and keeps your feet warm and dry.

Wellington boots come in different colours and patterns but they are all warm, well made and comfortable. They can be found in different shops around the world and you can find wonderful deals on websites such as Greenfingers, John Lewis, Dobbies, shudoo, Cloggs, Schuh, Orvis, Philip Morris & Sons, Surfdome, ebay, spartoo and amazon.

Some of the popular welly brands are:

Joules Wellington Boots: this boots can be described as the most stylish wellies. They come in a wide range of colours and style. They possess a unique quality that they transfer to the wearer and make him/her stand out whether working in the garden or rocking a party. This brand is partial to kids and women but also has some great designs for the male species too.

Hunters wellington boots: they the most popular wellington brand. They are designed to combat any kind of weather as they were originally invented for hiking in Scotland and you know how harsh the Scottish weather can be. They also come in different styles and colours.

Evercreatures wellington boots: this brand have a unique attribute which is it adjustable strap. This strap marches a line on the sole of the boot so it does not seem out of place. They come in different lovely designs and choosing a favourite design may be quite confusing

Animal wellington boots: This brand comes in all sporty and trendy. They are tough and comfortable and if you decide to use them for hiking or snowboarding, it won’t be a problem. They also won’t look out of place in a party, in the garden or just taking a stroll down the road on a snowing morning.

Ugg wellington boots: This brand is the most popular and most sought after boots for women and children. They come in different style and are so warm. They also have a range of children wellington boots in different styles and attractive colours.

Others include

Babycharm wellington boots

Le chameau wellington boots

Aigle wellington boots

Dr Marten wellington boots


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