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Tricks for Applying Eye Makeup -Winged & Round Shading Techniques

Updated on October 10, 2017
The Best Eyeshadow for Shading
The Best Eyeshadow for Shading

Whether you have doe-shaped eyes, large eyes or deep-set eyes, everyone can make the most of their eyes with the right eyeshadow shading techniques. Two of the most popular eyeshadow shading techniques are the winged and rounded application techniques.

Winged eyeshadow techniques are great for younger women who have firmer skin on and around the eyelids. The winged eyeshadow technique fans outward and gives the illusion of wings.

The rounded eyeshadow technique is great for women who are more mature, who may not have the extra firmness in the skin on and around the eyelids. A rounded eyeshadow technique starts from the inner corner of the eyelid and extends to the outer corner of the eyelid.

If you are not sure exactly which eyeshadow technique best suits you, you can experiment with both techniques and see which one accents your eyes the best. You can also use each eyeshadow technique for different occasions.

If you are going to a fancy restaurant for dinner, you can accentuate your eyes by using a more dramatic eyeshadow technique such as the winged application. If you are going to work, and want more of a subtle eye you can enhance your eyes by using the rounded eyeshadow technique.

In order to pull off both looks of winged shadow application and round shadow application, follow these simple makeup tips:

Round Eyeshadow Techniques

  1. Use an eyeshadow primer as a base prior to applying your eyeshadow. This helps to keep the shadow in place and prevents it from fading.

  2. Use a highlighter eyeshadow as the base for your application. This will add a nice color to your lids and will allow you to blend the eyeshadow if needed. Use a nice shimmery bone colored or champagne colored highlighter eyeshadow.

  3. Extend the highlighter eyeshadow from the eyelid up until it reaches just below the eyebrow.

  4. Apply a medium shade of eyeshadow to the eyelids. You will want to apply the eyeshadow using a patting motion as opposed to a gliding motion. Make sure to cover the entire eyelid with the medium shade of eyeshadow. Pat with your finger and use your fingertips to blend in the color.

Winged Eyeshadow Techniques

  1. Use an eyeshadow primer before applying the highlighting eyeshadow. Cover the entire eye, as you would in the rounded eyeshadow technique.

  2. Take a medium shade of eyeshadow and apply it on the eyelids

  3. Take an accent color, such as a complementary color of the medium shade used for the eyelids. Using your brush highlight the outer crease at the outer corner of the eye. Apply this in a patting motion. For instance, a pink shade would look great with brown, and silver would look great with a smoky colored eyeshadow.

  4. Now take a dark color, apply the eyeshadow to the brush, and tap it a few times. This helps to get rid of the excess eyeshadow. Now blend it with the pink or silver color applied previously. Extend this shade outwards. Apply this using a v-like formation at the outer corner of the eyelid. Sweep the shadow upward and downward.

  5. Now take the brush used for the pink or silver shade and blend the v-formation outwards. This technique will blend the two colors together and form the wing like formation on the outer corner of your eyes.

The Glamorous Eyeshadow Effect

For a more glamorous effect, you can finish both eyeshadow techniques by lining the eyes with a highly pigmented eyeshadow.

  1. Take a skinny eyeshadow brush, generally used for eyeliner and dip it in the darkest shade of shadow. Start from where the eyelashes end, from the inner corner of the eyes. Extend the liner all the way to the corner of the eyes.

  2. Do this for both eyes, and for both top and bottom lash lines.

Remember it may take a few attempts until you get the exact look you are going for, so don’t be afraid to practice. Soon people will be asking you how you do your makeup. Follow these eyeshadow application tips to enhance the overall beauty of your eyes.

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