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Trifari Brooch Vintage Costume Jewelry Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Trifari Brooches

Many fans will argue that Trifari brooches (oversized pins by some standards) represent the most popular jewelry type that the brand has to offer. This should come as no surprise since brooches vary almost endlessly both in material and theme.

Researching a suitable brooch may take some long minutes – but each is guaranteed to have been spent in good fun.

Another important aspect of Trifari – one which unfortunately gets often overlooked – is the emotional impact and range of the jewelry. It's particularly evident in the brooches, because their relative large size allows the pieces to open up, and work their charm.

Some pieces, in particular the botanical ones, display tranquility we usually expect from flowers. But already the butterflies and other "bug-inspired" items exhibit curious tension and anticipation – as if the insects are preparing to "take wing."

Animal and bird inspired jewelry takes this quality further, demonstrating goofiness, intent, and even mischief in playful, canny ways.


  • Animals include dogs, various types horses, foxes and similar predators, reptiles, elephants, and so on and so forth. The figures are represented symbolically, and often in radically stylized fashion. There's no binding realistic correlation between the color and texture of the stones and the rendered animals' actual form.

  • Birds deserve a special mention, and not only due to the sheer number of species represented. The winged creatures introduce a new element of movement into the brooches, making them unusually lively and energetic.

  • Botanical brooches include flowers of numerous kinds, single leaves, branches and entire trees: willows, orchids, cactuses, clematics, lilies and even bleeding hearts. While some are easy to recognize, others act as stylized representations of flora in general.

  • Insect pieces, possibly the "cutest," in conventional sense, include butterflies, bumblebees, dragonflies and ladybugs. These creatures, unlike those previously described, actually appear magnified rather than shrunk.

  • Symbolical and abstract: a general Trifari category that includes familiar and conventional jewelry designs – for instance, a large central stone with small rhinestones decorating the fringes of the brooch; as well as patriotic items bearing national flag and coat of arms elements.


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