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Trifari Goldtone, Silvertone, Silver Vintage Jewelry Review

Updated on March 31, 2012

Trifari Alloys

Trifari gemstones in all their variety deserve the attention they receive from jewelry fans, but as a consequence, the alloys sometimes remain overlooked. Yet Trifari are known for their metalwork as well, in particular the gold and silver plated alloys that keep the gems in place, and complement them with an even and stable sheen. Moreover, the company had produced several lines of jewelry made of sterling silver, and a unique, specially designed alloy called “Trifarium.”

The metals are employed either as bases for the cabochons and the beads, or, in pieces without stones, as their own material. The former type can reveal very little surface, though in most items, and especially in sets, there's at least one occurrence where the alloy is given notable “free space” -- the uniform yellow color then interacts with the sparkle of the gems.

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In items free of rhinestones, or any other translucent or colored material commonly appearing in Trifari jewelry, the amalgam emerges as its own decoration. Designers draw from a pool of familiar and proven themes: floral motifs, in particular various leaves, flying insects such butterflies (whose wings often resemble leaves), but also a range of abstract configurations.

The aesthetic effects achieved by the use of alloys is very different, and will no doubt appeal to certain tastes. Instead of color and sparkle, modulations of shade and light, created by metallic concave and convex surfaces, become the main source of attraction.

Jelly Bely

The trademark line of jewelry (that reaches its design peak in the pins and the brooches) relies not only on the jelly-like central piece, but also on the metal that embellishes the periphery of each item. The dark, earthly glow interacts with the softness of the light locked deep within the gem.

Here in particular changes in the texture of the amalgam demonstrate how effective silver and gold tone alloys can be in jewelry making – vintage, as well as contemporary.


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