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Trifari Jewelry Earrings Review: Gems, Enamel, Crystals

Updated on January 15, 2015

Trifari Earrings

Trifari earrings add lighter, less complex designs which both compliment and offset the heavier, more luscious necklaces (to which they have the most physical proximity when worn). Still, such elaborate lines as “Fruit Salad” can be encountered in this jewelry type; various drop earrings can be quite large, chandelier-like in appearance, and contain numerous gem inclusions.

Most earrings display an abstract shape: there's not enough space to develop figurative ideas present in the brooches and the pins. Yet this consequence in no way led to a compromise. On the contrary, Alphred Philippe and his successors turned a necessity into a blessing, and introduced an entire series of designs unseen in other Trifari jewelry. The result is a true aesthetic alternative within the same brand framework, a real boon to loyal fans.

Trifari Costume Vintage Jewelry | Earrings | Brooch
Trifari Costume Vintage Jewelry | Earrings | Brooch

Pendant Earrings

Pendant or drop earrings comprise a notable share of the entire assortment: pearls, various faux stones and gems, as well as (more rarely) strictly alloy parts drop down from the base. Designs vary from simple hoops and rings, to abstract shapes, curving or geometrical, and to occasional figurative motifs (usually botanical).

Stones appear in familiar cabochon, as well as in more exquisite baguette shapes. Some of the smaller rhinestones, especially when scattered in large numbers very closely together, create a very evocative, wintry, mystical mood.


One stone earrings consist of a single colored cabochon that occupies the center of each piece; subtle scrollwork ornamentations flourish on the sides. The stones are often colored in deep red, blue, and green tones.


Enamel earrings also show a lot of color. The coating combines well with metal pieces, which it embellishes in a way that's more restrained from that of the luxurious emeralds and rubies.

Overall, Trifari earrings not only uphold the design ideas introduced and developed in the company's necklaces, brooches, pins, and other types of jewelry, but also present a range of fresh abstract models.


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