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Trifari Jewelry Sets Review: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings,

Updated on January 15, 2015

Trifari Sets

Trifari sets combines several types of jewelry into a coherent whole that becomes more than the sum of its parts. It's not accidental that a Trifari set was worn during a presidential inauguration: considering the luxurious, luscious designs of the brooches, necklaces, and some of the earrings and the bracelets, an entire set can be very powerful and power projecting – indeed too powerful for not especially formal events.

Owing a Trifari set doesn't necessitate wearing everything at once. On the contrary, putting on a different piece each time, and only occasionally the whole set, would bring more enjoyment from the jewelry, both the the wearer and the observer.

Such designs as the famous “Fruit Salad” receive an additional aesthetic boost when viewed in the set context. While separate pieces might seem confusing, too scattered to women who love their jewelry neatly organized, in a set of identically designed counterparts, a new aesthetic logic emerges to conquer even the most skeptical hearts.

Trifari Vintage Costume Jewelry | Earrings& Brooch | photo credit:
Trifari Vintage Costume Jewelry | Earrings& Brooch | photo credit:

Rhinestones, Moonstones

Traditional single and two tone designs remained, however, the main path in which Trifari developed their sets. All of the components become tied together by the uniform color of the cabochons – usually the less brilliant and the more calm, pastel-like moonstones, or rhinestones that instill a similar tranquil (we also think somewhat mystical) mood by their elusive earthly sparkle.

Additional variations include turquoise and various faux gems. All of these riches accommodate on a silver or gold plated bases&settings.

Classics, Florals

As a befits collections that were designed with formal parties and occasions in mind, many of them display classic motifs that never go out of fashion. In particular, various floral themes recur quite often – giving more stress on the leaves or the blooms leads to yet another branching – creating curious, exciting interactions when appearing on the ears, chest and arm at once.

The benefit of wearing several Trifari pieces at once lies in revealing fully the creative spirit Alphred Philippe and his successors infused into the jewelry.


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      Elijah S 7 years ago from Europe


      I will keep the link you provided in the comment, and will add an additional credit below the photograph.



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      Susan 7 years ago

      Hi, Looks like you borrowed my photo of the Trifari earrings and brooch set.

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