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Trifari Necklace Vintage Jewelry Review: Pendant, Chain, Filigree

Updated on January 15, 2015

Trifari Necklaces

Trifari necklaces bring to life several classic designs that combine silver and gold tone alloys with gemstones and rhinestones: aesthetically solid jewelry configurations that, surprisingly, might appear old fashioned to the modern taste. Symmetry plays an important part in the organization of the stones and the metallic parts; the rich texture, visual as well as tactile, that result from the blend of the two becomes one of the most arresting qualities of these pieces.

Trifari rely on a few familiar necklace types: the choker that lies very close to the neck, separating it from the chest, and emphasizing its natural upward lines; pendant based necklace that consists of a relatively simple chain (even the simplest are notably rich in volume), and a pendant – sometimes two; a classic evenly designed model with all its parts distributed uniformly – and oozing confidence.

Trifari Vintage Costume Jewelry | Necklace
Trifari Vintage Costume Jewelry | Necklace

Center piece

Centerpiece based and even necklace offer two closely related, but principally different models: the former shifts the weight of the piece towards the front, where the central part – sometimes so elaborate as to reference a similar brooch or pin – grabs the attention. The half that rests behind the neck might be completely naked in this arrangement.

Even necklaces expand completely homogeneously, and can be turned and reversed, allowing for more leeway in wearing and costume planning.


Several lines of necklaces incorporate small pendants (larger pendants form a separate category), attached to the chain in more or less elaborate ways; some of the most elaborate essentially become cascade pieces.

A unique line of double pendant pieces presents an odd and slightly disconcerting hanging duo that appears breaks the design rule of avoiding even repetitions. A closer inspections reveals that one pendant hangs notably lower than the other, creating an original uneven structure that exerts a hypnotizing effect – an modernist addition to this otherwise traditional department in Trifari jewelry.


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