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Are you beautiful?

Updated on April 14, 2011

You are matter what they say...

Have you noticed how prominent & ubiquitous these "beauty" bilboards are, along our major thoroughfares? i mean, driving along these highways, the chances of you getting hit twice, thrice or four times by these big bilboards (and banners ) are 10 over 10. Its a sure thing!

These advertising billboards talk about how to get back in shape again, how to become flawless in just 7 days, how to get fairer skin, how to lose those unwanted pounds, etc, etc.

And have you ever asked yourself why these businesses are thriving? Well, I have. And I know the answer, because once, twice or thrice, I have succumbed to the seduction of their promises.

People in general want to look and feel great, and stay that way for as long as they can. Valid? Reasonable? Yes! I think so. ( the caveat : if you do it without any violations.)

But here's the thing. Did it ever occur to you why outward or physical appearance seems to camaflouge the real meaning of beauty? I mean, I have nothing against science...As a matter of fact, if I had the money, I would have liposuction all over my body until I obtain that whistle-bait-Ms-Universe figure. (kidding, but if possible, why not? hahaha)

Now, as I ponder about physical appearance and beauty, I realized certain things that I thought I'd like to share with you:

  • First, we have come to the age of science, technology, digital era. Everything is quite possible these days. If you have the money to spare, then there's instant everything for you, right? ( instant breast aug, instant body curves, instant butt. I mean, everything can be done nowadays! Blessed are those who have the guts and the money, because then, they can attain the "glory" afterwards.
  • People need not feel insecure about their looks anymore. Even one's complexion or "skin color" can change in a matter of days... so they say. (thanks to glutathione : the best anti oxidant and skin whitener).
  • Nowadays, one can just choose from a whole slew of safe procedures : liposuction to mesotheraphy, to laser lipo and what have you .
  • And then, there's the old-fashioned, tried & tested "exercise" for those that are non-believers of the invasive type of science. Those who thrive in shedding off their sweat through walking, gymastics, running, jogging and a lot of other sports activities. I still believe that a lot of people would settle for the traditional, slow-burn, but fun way of losing weight. Its good for the heart!!!

After all that's been said and done, and whatever method is working for you, STILL, THERE REMAINS TO BE A MORE IMPORTANT INGREDIENT TO BEAUTY which one cannot find in the clinic or the gym anywhere in this world.

" Inner Beauty!"

Isnt it true that "Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart?..." After all, physical beauty is fleeting but inward beauty lasts forever.

i've always admired women who are confident of themselves despite their shortfall (nobody's perfect in this world, anyway) Those who may not be that physically "attractive" and "pretty" but manages to look beautiful because of how well they carry themselves?

  • smart,

  • poised,
  • educated,

  • assertive
  • well-mannered

All these traits, to me, constitute real beauty.

But more than superficial beauty, I believe that the true essence of beauty comes from within.

Men, women who are humble inspite of their wealth and achievements.

Men and women who are willing to give & share their time, talent & resources unselfishly to benefit those who are lacking in resources.

Men and women who can accept their mistakes and are willing to rise above their challenges .

People who take time to help other people geniunely & from the heart.

Nothing beats selflessness, humility, generosity, honesty, integrity, faith & geniune love.

As the bible teaches us, even if you have, brains, money, fame, fortune but have not love, you are nothing.

I now pause and wonder....Am I the picture of beauty? Is it skin deep? Beauty, that which is important only to the human eye? or am I beautiful from within? Beauty that defies that which is just physical?

Unfortunately for some, physical beauty is all and everything that matters to them. They may even use it for the wrong reasons and wrong motives.

We were created in the image & likeness of God and if this is so, then we are masterpieces of Him who made us.

Lets all think beautiful.

Because we all are.

The fountain of beauty should spring forth from within the very core of us, releasing the aroma that is pleasing to people, and likewise pleasing and acceptable to the Auther of beauty - God Himself.


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    • Cellebrate! profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thanks Claudine_dayo. God bless you.

    • Claudin_Dayo profile image


      7 years ago from Southeast Asia

      I was a decade late for reading this just by now =(

      haha but you were so right about it beauty isn't just about what you see with your eyes. We are all beautiful in the sight of our very own Maker.

      God bless you

    • Cellebrate! profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      thank you cristina327. I enjoyed reading your excellent hubs as well. Be Blessed and be a blessing always. Take care and write more!

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 

      10 years ago from Manila

      What an excellent hub. You are absolutely right we are nothing without love. Thanks for sharing this. Remain blessed always.

    • Cellebrate! profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thank you David. I enjoyed 80 days around the world. I was actually inspired by it, that I am gonna give it my own version! Thanks for the tip!

    • David Francis profile image

      David Francis 

      10 years ago from London

      What you write is so true. Thanks for sharing this.



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