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I love every inch of fat and skin I'm in, therefore I love me

Updated on December 29, 2011
Beauty is there, you just have to see it!
Beauty is there, you just have to see it!

We’ve all heard the terms “no one will love you as much as you love yourself”, hearing it is one thing but truly believing it and living it is another.

It seems vein to wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say “I love you, you are beautiful”, but it’s one of the best rewards you can give yourself every day. My grandmother told me a long time ago, if you ever have a cold, feel tired or down, wake up, wash yourself, fix your hair and put on a little makeup, you will feel much better. I have followed her advice my entire life and it never fails.

The way we look and take care of ourselves tends to reflect on the emotions we feel. Our skin covers our entire body, yet we tend to forget or ignore washing our face from the night before, we don’t take the time to moisturize our body when we get out of the shower, our hands are dry and cracked from the cold weather and guess what, whether someone else tends to notice it or not, we ourselves do and unconsciously it affects how we feel.

If our hairy legs are covered and visible to the world, it doesn’t make them hairless, they are still hairy, get that unwanted hair laser removed permanently and there’s one item you won’t have to worry about doing anymore.

Even if we purposely try to avoid the sun, our faces and hands are in the sun daily, whether you’re driving, walking the dog or gardening, there’s no avoiding the damaging raise of the sun. Wear sun screen, protect that beautiful face of yours. There’s many non-evasive procedures offered by medical spas everywhere that offer laser skin treatments to reverse the damaging effects of the sun but it is our responsibility to care, protect and love the skin we’re in.

When you wear make up in the morning, make sure you’re not wearing it on top of yesterday’s makeup, all you’re doing is packing the already packed pours with more gunk. Everything you do and add to your body affects your overall look and feel. Hydrating your body regularly helps your skin stay moisturized, your hair soft, and your mouth stinky free which translates to feeling quite good about yourself.

There are many simple, affordable non-surgical cosmetic treatments available for everyone, professional teeth whitening, facials, etc…, do them all, and do them for yourself and no one else. Maintain what you had done by making sure you follow up at home, if you have your teeth whitened, make sure you brush your teeth regularly and correctly. How you feel on the inside always reflects to how you feel on the outside.

If you’re a teenager and think you’re fat, love every inch of that fat like our Hollywood idles do, follow the stars that mostly remind you of you. Look at Kim kardashian’s beloved behind; she’s drop dead gorgeous, flawless skin, large behind and all.

So the next time you’re feeling down, follow my grandmother’s advice and wash your face, fix your hair and put on a little makeup and when you finally look in the mirror, say it and say it out loud “I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”.


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