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Try A Makeup Makeover For A Great New Look

Updated on April 4, 2017
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I'm here with all of the hot gossip, current trends and those beauty secrets that you need to feel and look your best!


Change Your Cosmetics And Look Years Younger

Women have been wearing makeup for centuries, from the first Kohl eye pencil in ancient Egypt, to the modern look we see today. But how many of us are still using the same old lipstick colors, eye pencils, foundation and eye shadows?

Yes, me too. We get stuck in a rut not only with the same old colors but lots of us keep forgetting to buy new cosmetics. How long have you had that mascara? I know it still works, but come on, that make went out ten years ago!

What we seem to forget is that face makeup can actually get stale and go off. When this happens it can start to collect germs and can cause all sorts of problems. Makeup should be changed at least every six months. And in between it should be sterilised to make it safe for use.

So, throw away your old stale makeup, and while you are out buying some more change your style!

public domain To much makeup even for a young girl.
public domain To much makeup even for a young girl.
Sagging facial muscles  courtesy of
Sagging facial muscles courtesy of

Funny Face!

Makeup is a style that you choose. The way you look and are seen by others is important to you, so why do you look like an old Panda that has forgotten to wash his face?

Well let me tell you. We age! Yes I know, that's blatantly obvious. But while we slather on loads of moisturiser, scrub out face with corn kernels, yes they are good for exfoliating and so is salt believe it or not, we forget to change the makeup we have used since 1970!

Age And Facial Structure.

However hard we try, we cannot keep back the signs of age. Unless you have cosmetic surgery, but that's something else completely different. Even then it can go wrong. We have all see the cosmetic programs where someone has had such a high face lift their nose is virtually stuck to their forehead!

Over time, the muscles of the face start to sag. You can keep them at bay by doing facial exercises but that won't take away all the wrinkles and the sags. It can definitely help. But there is one part of the face that tends to do its own thing. Your eyes.

The skin surround the eye socket is probably the most over used of the face. Not only do we squint, rub our eyes, use contact lenses and blink a lot, we also spend many years painting on loads of eye shadow, mascara and foundation.

The face that you looked at in the mirror twenty or even thirty years ago, is not the same face you see today. So lets get back to that same question. Why the same makeup?

public domain pink lipstick
public domain pink lipstick


We all may have had a pout that would knock out a hard man at fifty paces, but sorry ladies its not going to happen now. Why? Our lips get thinner as we age, so that famous pout will look thin and wrinkled.

The lipstick that you wear when you are young, just looks awful at an older age. For example, never ever wear dark lipsticks when you are past the first flush of youth.

Browns, deep red and dark orange make your lips look thinner. And the color will bleed into your wrinkles around the lips.

Lips should look natural but slightly shiny. You can use pale reds, slightly orange and natural colors on your lips but pink is probably the best bet.

The point of wearing makeup when you are young is to really go for bold colors. Not only to show of that proud pout again, but to stand out from the crowd.

When you are older the idea should be to just accentuate your facial features. There's nothing worse than seeing an older women with so much makeup on it looks as though you could scrape it off with a shovel!

So, pale pink, natural, lip gloss and slightly orange or red is the way to go.

Don't forget to exfoliate the lip area. When we scrub our faces we tend to forget the lips. Its important to get rid of dry skin, so buff them up and then add a generous amount of moisturiser too.

Use a lip liner.

A good tip is to make sure that you don't use the lip liner all the way around your mouth. Just accentuate the bow of your lips and the plumpest part of your lower lip.

This will really bring out the shape. And always fill in the color all over your lips with the lipstick. Its amazing how much difference it makes.

Exercise Those Face Muscles!

Toning and skin muscle exercises can be a great way to stop that sagging skin.

Facial Exercise The Natural Facelift That Will Take Years Of Your Face Just 10 Minutes A Day

public domain Eye makeup
public domain Eye makeup

Color Those Eyes

Eye pencils can be your friend or make you look like Dracula's daughter. If you are still using liquid liners, then its time to throw them in the trash.

The reason that an eye pencil is better is because you can apply them easier, and to get rid of harsh lines smudge them at the corners of your eyes.

The eyes are one of the places that you will notice a difference when you age. When we are young, our eyelids are firm and are a perfect palette for eye shadows. As we age they tend to droop and start to cover the eyelids more.

Obviously you can get lots of eyebrow fillers, botox etc. But if you want to go ea' natural', then be very careful how you apply your eyeshadows.

A good idea is to take a look at your eye color and try to find a combination that accentuates them but doesn't overdo it.

For brown eyes or slightly hazel, then go for golds and light browns.

If your eyes are blue then add a slight layer of grey or light brown.

Never ever use too much concealer around the eyes. Whether it be foundation, powder or concealer. This will not cover up your wrinkles or lines, it will just show them up much more.

I have a little trick that has worked for years. After applying my eye makeup I dab a tiny amount of Nivea cream at the outer corners, in the brow line and one dab under each eye. This way even if I have added to much makeup, it smooths it out and leaves a shine. Therefore softening the lines.

A great tip is to try to make your eyes look lifted. Apply the liner to only the upper lid, and the eyeshadow across the top and slightly at the sides. Then use your finger to gently pull up the eyeshadow towards your hairline. This way your eyes will look wider and more alert. Pretty in Pink eyeshadow Pretty in Pink eyeshadow
The perfect eyebrow shape that follows the shape of your eyes public domain
The perfect eyebrow shape that follows the shape of your eyes public domain


How many of us have completely botched up our eyebrows by plucking them too much? Yes me too. The best idea is to go and get them professionally done. I had a friend years ago who swore by this method and she always looked great.

But if you prefer to do them yourself you have to remember one thing before you start. The eyebrows are the frame of your face.

Too much plucking will leave you with a startled look, and not enough will make people think you have wiggly worms crawling across your forehead!

  • Before you start, brush your eyebrows with your fingers, this way you will see any stragglers underneath.
  • Apply a warm flannel to the eye area to open the pores. Open pores mean less pain!
  • Tweeze hairs in the direction that they grow.
  • Start from underneath, never from the top. Otherwise you will end up with a ragged edge.
  • Try to make an arch but not to high otherwise we get the startled look again!
  • Always apply a soothing cream afterwards, this will take the redness away much quicker.

Check Your Face For Hidden Illnesses!

How often do you really look at yourself in a mirror? They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, but did you know your face is the best way to discover whether you have any hidden illnesses?

Are Wrinkles Droopy Eyes And Dry Skin A Sign Of Bad Health - True Facts About Your Face

Preparing Your Face

Before you apply makeup you should prepare your face to take the cosmetics. An artist wouldn't paint on a dirty saggy canvas. Your face should be treated the same way.

To start, make sure your hair is away from your face, and then give you face a really good wash and scrub. Don't scrub to hard you don't want to take off the skin!

Allow ten minutes for your face to adapt to its normal texture. Then apply a good sun screen and moisturiser.

Let that dry for a few minutes, then add the foundation or concealer. A good tip is to apply too much, then remove the excess with a slightly damp cloth. This will remove the top layer and set the foundation.

If you want to use face powder do it the same way. This is the way the professionals apply it. It allows good coverage and then you can wipe it off.

There you have your face ready to be painted in your new makeup.


Some people do, and others don't. But if you do use blusher then a good idea is to place the brush with the color on your cheek bones.

Then suck in your cheeks and just gently brush the blusher around the area that is above the sucked in part. This way you won't end up with it on your lower face which can make you look sallow.

Fabulous Hairstyle for The Older Woman public domain
Fabulous Hairstyle for The Older Woman public domain

Don't Forget The Hair!

After all your hard work, you don't want your face to be framed by a mop mess! This is the time to be bold and colorful. Go to the hairdressers and ask for a brand new hairstyle. Let them choose your new look as they know how to frame your face.

  • For a long face, try a nice short style that frames the face around your ears and higher jaw.
  • For a round face, go for short choppy styles.
  • For a square face, try a longer style but with added curls.
  • Oval face. This is probably the best shape as you can have virtually any style you like. Short will make you look hot and trendy, while long curls will give you the romantic older woman look.

Whichever style you choose, give it a boost with a great new color. Ask your stylist which would suit you best.

So why not give yourself a great new makeup makover? This is the perfect time of the year for a brand new you.

copyright nell rose

© 2012 Nell Rose


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