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Try a liquid diet detox for healthy looking skin

Updated on August 12, 2009

In order to achieve glowing, acne free heatlhy looking skin it is vital to monitor what you put into your body. Eating lots of Greasy foods like fast food burgers are well known to contribute to greasy looking skin. It makes sense therefore that if you put healthy food into your body then your skin will begin to look and feel healthier as a consequence. The liquid diet detox is intended to provide a jump start in your efforts to obtain clear skin by thoroughly detoxifying your body rapidly in order to flush out acne causing toxins fast and to introduce quickly essential skin friendly vitamins and minerals.

A Detox, short for detoxification, involves the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. The liquid diet detox involves only consuming healthy vitamin rich fluids for a number of days in order to flush out the body of all the harmful substances that can lead to the build up oily or dry skin and thus acne and other skin imperfections. Often, toxins can cause your skin to take on a dull, dreary appearance filled with blemishes. However, Once you have properly detoxed your body system your skin will return to a healthy and attractive condition.  Instead of using expensive creams and lotions try a cheaper and healthier detox diet. It also has benefial longer term benifts of weight managament

The online resources on detox diets are plentiful. Most websites will provide lots of ready plans that you simply need to follow. With the liquid detox diet however you must alter the recipes to only include liquids.Test out a few recipes to determine which ones will suit you best. The use of a blender is invaluble in order to create delicious fresh fruit smoothies and juices. Soups are also an opiton with plenty of recipes available online to ensure that you stick to the diet.Teas, especially green tea is highly recommended as they contain antitoxidants which can help flush out skin harmful toxins.

 If you have any special needs, it is probably a good idea to consult your medical professional and discuss the dietary plan before starting the program.

So what kinds of stuff should you be eating (or drinking in this case) in order to detoxify your body and achieve healthy looking skin. Firstly you should supplement with vitamins such as a multivitamin and zinc supplements. The multivitamin to ensure that you receive your daily intake and the zinc because it is needed for skin renewal and is known to help with acne. You should then concume lots of fruits and vegetables of all colours in your smoothies and soups. Ones to especially use are vitamin c rich fruits such as oranges and kiwis, Low-Fat Dairy Products full of Vitamin A, and antitoxidant rich tomatoes.

You should make sure to drink plenty of water (64 ounces, about 6 cups) every day also to help with the detoxification.

Good luck!


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