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Tummy Tuck Jeans

Updated on July 15, 2009

Petite Size

Looking thinner!
Looking thinner!

Tummy tuck jeans are one of the greatest fashion innovations of the past couple decades. They allow a woman to effortlessly push in her little “pudge” without any strain or pain. It is all due to the pioneering work of Lisa Rudes-Sandal. Maybe you have seen her on Oprah? Or any of a million other great TV shows like the Today Show, etc. Now we just have to figure out how to fit into a great beach wedding dress before the big day!

Lisa created tummy tuck jeans because she knew that most mid-aged women’s jeans were not very flattering to ladies. And she also wanted to do something else: to evolve style beyond the old restrictive tricks it had been using to effectively choke off women’s mid-sections: a symbol of a more repressive area. The fact is that these jeans, coupled with the right closet organizers, are bound to create a more positive self-impression for any woman and her sense of fashion.

How do tummy tuck jeans make you feel?

Basically, what tummy tuck jeans do is they have a panel stitched into the front of them that redistributes the belly in cases where it has maybe a few extra pounds. The original company to do this was Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, which was founded by the aforementioned Rudes-Sandal. They are based out of Vernon, California.

If you are wondering whether you should buy a pair of these miracle jeans, I have only one answer for you: Yes! Thousands of women have already gotten liberated from their previous “mom” jeans thanks to NYDJ and other companies that make these pants. Their wardrobe closets are filling up with these much more flattering (and flattening) pants. You know they must be something special when there is this level of popularity.

If you are a style-aware woman who has a real body with real curves then tummy tuck jeans are the perfect match for you. You will cut a good 10 years off your age as soon as you throw a pair on along with a hot top. I promise. I know how hard it is to find a real pair of jeans that is indeed flattering to your body. With all these girls wearing low-rise jeans nowadays it can be a bit intimidating for some women to find a pair of jeans that looks “in”. But I tell you those jeans are here now with tummy tuck jeans.

Look thinner in NYDJ

They come in bootcut versions and all other styles that you can imagine. How does the panel work its magic? I don’t know. But it does. So ladies get out your portable closets and let's go on some hot travels to Miami Beach!

You can just consider them a beauty secret, as the founder herself has said. Not only do they look good, but they feel good too. They succeed at making any belly you might have simply disappear. As soon as you’ve got a pair of tummy tuck jeans on you are instantly a size smaller.

Why do you think so many celebrities are wearing these? Rachel Ray and Diane Sawyer have both publicly stated that they wear these jeans and they look quite good in them. Both carry themselves so well; I attribute it to what they’re wearing.


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    • agrande profile image

      agrande 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      I need more than tummy tuck jeans. Do they make body tuck jeans?

    • Litany Notch profile image

      Litany Notch 8 years ago from South UK

      Wow these sound like a great idea, just wish someone would make a pair of jeans that removed the pudge permanently!

    • Will James profile image

      Will James 8 years ago from New York, NY

      haha Well-said. Pudge begone that's what I say! Thank God for NYDJ for making a way to look thinner (without having to diet).

    • jazzuboo profile image

      jazzuboo 8 years ago from Queensland, Australia

      It's great to see that people are starting to design clothing for those of us who do not fit into the supermodel category. The majority of us out there don't have the physique to pull off most of these designs. There's nothing wrong with having a healthy looking "pudge" and we shouldn't be penalised for it.