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Turbie Twist Hair Towel Review – Is it worth the ten bucks?

Updated on June 24, 2010

The Turbie Twist hair towel is a microfiber hair towel that is specially designed to wrap your hair to get a majority of the water out after you shower. Now it won’t take you longer to figure out that I personally do not use this hair turban thing. This review is based solely on my wife’s use of this turban after seeing it at our local Bed Bath & Beyond (and me getting miffed because she wanted to spend $10 on a towel. We have dozens of towels!). You can trust me that I quizzed her really good after just a few days of use. And here’s what I’ve learned about it.

The Turbie Twist is different than conventional towels. There are two main differences between the Turbie Twist and regular cotton hair towels. The first difference is that it’s specially designed for drying hair. What I mean by that is that the length of the towel is calculated based on women’s average hair length to incorporate the entire length of hair and twist it together. This unique twist calculation allows the maximum of surface area of hair to come in contact with the towel (sorry, I’m an engineer by trade). This means that the towel dries quicker and more thoroughly than standard towels. The twist is then brought back over the head and threaded into a well placed loop. This loop just holds it into place so that you can let your hair dry and move on to other essential women bathroom things. It’s not complicated at all; my wife does it in seconds.

The other thing that makes the Turbie Twist different from other towels is that it’s made from a special microfiber material.  This microfiber (the same stuff that they use on couches) has a hydrophilic weave which means that it draws in more water and does it quicker than cotton or terrycloth towels.  So while the hair drying process is hands free it’s a lot quicker too.  Also, the microfiber material tends to dry off itself quicker too, so while you don’t necessarily need two, it’s nice to alternate between the two or three that you have.

Now I’m not trying to imply that your hair will be bone dry after using this; it won’t.  But what it does do is make the drying process a whole lot faster and easier.  Your hair will still be a little wet so if you need to style it you’ll still have time and you may still need to blow dry it, but that time is drastically reduced.

Here’s what I like about the Turbie towel.  No, I don’t use it (although for guys with long hair I’m sure it’s just as viable).  I’m a bit of cheapskate.  I’m also an environmental freak.  So I really like the fact that my wife is using the hair dryer a lot less.  I also like that it takes her less time to get ready in the morning, so when we’re fighting for counter space I don’t have to wait as long.  I can tell you that she likes the convenience it offers and that it makes her mornings slightly easier.  She also likes that it comes in pink.

Now whether the Turbie Twist hair towel is worth the $10 or so bucks we paid at Bed Bath & Beyond (it was a 2-pack); it’s hard to say.  Whether you’ll make back your money on electricity savings is debatable; it depends on a lot of factors, so I would say it’s a toss up there.  Where it really pays for itself is time and convenience.  My wife is less stressed about getting out the door in time, less stressed about having her hair dry out due to blow drying and I get to get in to the bathroom about 5 minutes earlier (which in the morning is a big deal). 

If you have any experiences with the Turbie Twist hair towel I’d love to hear about it.  Just leave your comments in the section below.


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