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Turn Around, Bright Eyes|Bright Eye Make Up

Updated on November 12, 2010
Bright eyeshadow, old and new.
Bright eyeshadow, old and new.

The hottest thing in eye make up for the coming year involves slathering a thin line of bold color across your upper eyelid. Its a brash fashion statement, not for the faint hearted, and it is certainly a strong move away from the old notion that the best make up is make up people don't know you're wearing.

You might be thinking that this isn't a new trend, and in many respects, you'd be right. There is nothing truly new under the fashion sun, there are only permutations of the great fashion spirit that lives in us all.

What does set apart the current bright eye trend is that unlike past years, where bright eyes meant hurling as much color at your general eye region as possible, this year's bright eyes are restrained by comparison. Color is restricted to the upper eyelid only - it does not bleed to the rest of the brow, nor is it applied under the eye.

To make up for its restricted use, the color is brighter than it ever has been before. Mauve, orange, plinkoria, violetta and smaugolive are all viable choices for casual day wear. It may be more difficult to interpret this look into a corporate setting, if only because corporate culture tends to value uniformity more than a uniform manufacturer might do. However if you are allowed a day off in which to express your personal style, or perhaps decide to leave the house in the evening hours, bold eye make up with distinguish you as a woman not just of style, but of nerve.

Your actual choice of color will depend on your mood, on your outfit and perhaps on the message you'd like to send. Women who value ecological values can express this through the subtle use of green and yellow, or perhaps even orange-red if an autumnal theme is desired. Women who appreciate a more technologically advanced values system can make use of silver palletes, perhaps tempered with a little color at the edges to defer to their basic humanity after all.

It's easy to regard make up as little more than the smearing of color onto skin that was perfectly fine in the first place, but make up can be more than that. It can be a conceptual raging against the machine, or it can be style camouflage. This style is also useful in attracting a high quality mate. One can be pretty with or without eye make up, but a slash of lavender red across the lids can be a beautiful warning to any would be monochromatic suitors and a wildly attractive beacon to suitably colorful men.


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