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Turning a Sunburn Into a Tan

Updated on May 29, 2012

My family and I just took a trip to Panama City, FL. I've always been kind of a hermit, so my skin was pretty fair. Naturally, we brought about eight different bottles of sunscreen and two bottles of tanning oil. Having fair skin, I've gotten sunburned many times before so I knew to put on loads of sunscreen. That wasn't enough though. By day two, I had moderate burns covering about 80% of my body. If you have ever had a sunburn before, you know how painful they can be. My jean shorts stayed in my suitcase during the remainder of the trip.

I made sure to pretty much bathe in high numbered sunscreen the rest of my time at the beach. If you have a sunburn, I wouldn't recommend going in a chlorinated pool, because it will dry out your skin even more. If you aren't going out, moisturize your skin with a lotion with Aloe Vera in it or just use Aloe Vera itself. Make sure you don't over moisturize your skin though, because that will cause your skin to become oily.

To turn a moderate burn into a light tan, Aloe Vera is definitely needed. Not only does it immediately relieve the pain of a burn, it will help reduce itching. Try not to scratch because it will irritate the skin and cause more peeling. Not to mention, it really hurts. If you absolutely have to scratch, use your fingers. Lightly rub the skin so you don't cause more damage to your skin.

Aloe Vera can help reduce peeling, but there's really nothing you can do to stop the burn from peeling. Applying the Aloe Vera can keep it from being too noticeable though. When the skin starts peeling, you'll notice your skin will have a light tan to it.

If you are fair skinned, definitely make sure to lather in a high numbered sunscreen every couple of hours or so. There is no such thing as a waterproof sunscreen, so also make sure to reapply every time you go swimming or take a shower. Tanning oil is only for people who have a tan. But even they should use sunscreen.


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