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Turquoise Cross Pendant

Updated on March 21, 2011

Turquoise Cross Pendants

The Beauty of the Turquoise Cross Pendant

When people start looking for cross pendants, they often overlook cross pendants made from natural stone like turquoise. A turquoise cross pendant can be a beautiful alternative to a typically gold or silver cross pendant with a semi-precious or precious stone in the middle.

Turquoise cross pendants come in a variety of styles. There is everything from the most primitive looking turquoise cross pendants that look like they could have been dug out of the desert sand to Celtic style turquoise crosses to very traditionally styled turquoise pendant crosses. Whatever your taste is, there is a turquoise cross pendant that will suit your taste.

A Vast Array Of Turquoise Cross Pendants

A turquoise cross pendant is also a unique gift idea. Instead of just being plain sterling silver, you can buy them a beautiful turquoise cross pendant that is sure to be remembered for a very long time. Just make sure the person you are buying the turquoise or other cross pendant for is the right religion or that they are religious. You do not want to insult the recipient, although even those who are not that religious would even love the natural beauty of a turquoise cross pendant.

While finding a wide selection of turquoise cross pendants in your local jewelry stores, you can often find the greatest variety of styles and selection right in your own home. As long as you have a computer, you can look online for a turquoise cross pendant. Two websites to shop online are and also eBay You will not be disappointed by the vast selection.

One thing you will have to consider is the ratio of stones to silver or gold. Some turquoise cross pendants are mostly turquoise with very subtle silver inlays or gold inlays, but there are many beautifully crafted silver cross pendants with just hints of turquoise perfectly laid throughout. Once again, this is a decision that is entirely up to you and your personal preferences.

Turquoise Cross Pendant

turquoise cross pendant
turquoise cross pendant


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