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Turquoise Purse

Updated on July 7, 2011

Turquoise Purse Mania

More recently, purses have become a major indicator of a woman's style, status, and personality. This is why the wide world of handbags has grown into something completely unforeseen, and why you should go out and get yourself a fun colored purse like a turquoise purse or yellow handbag. Animal prints are never a bad option either.

You don't need to be a purse fanatic to go out and buy yourself a turquoise purse or turquoise handbag. Depending on the style of the purse, whether it's a clutch or even a tote, a turquoise purse is a stylish addition to your current purse collection that you may only use for special occasions. Of course, it could be your everyday purse as well. Carrying around a turquoise purse would definitely get you noticed.

Reasons You Need a Turquoise Purse

If you're worried that a turquoise purse may be too flashy for you, then don't.Just because you have a turquoise purse, doesn't mean that you need to wear your turquoise rimmed sunglasses and turquoise high heels with them. It's a very simple, but bold fashion statement to just carry a turquoise purse. Here are some things to consider if you are weary of carrying a turquoise colored purse.

  • First: You will not look flashy, you will look very stylish. Plus, it's a great color for summer although it works equally as well all year round.
  • Second: There are a huge variety of turquoise handbags and purses out there. If you think that some are too bold or bright for you, look around - there are thousands on the market today including in-stores and online.
  • Third: Be a little adventurous for goodness sakes - you only live once. It's not like it's fluorescent orange, yellow, or pink. It's turquoise - a naturally occurring color in nature.
  • Fourth: If you're still nervous, buy a purse with turquoise accents or stick to very classic handbags and purse designs or very neutral shades of turquoise.

If you're not afraid of trying a turquoise purse, then you have a ton of options.

  • You could get yourself an accent purse such as a turquoise clutch for special occasions or nights out on the town.
  • You could get a little wild and choose animal print purses with turquoise patterns or turquoise trims.
  • You could get yourself the brightest, boldest snakeskin or other funky tote style purse and wear it with dignity. The sky's the limit for you - enjoy the ride.

If you like to shop online and also the world's largest online auction site eBay both have a vast array of turquoise purses.

Turquoise Purse

Stylish turquoise clutch purse
Stylish turquoise clutch purse


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