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Tweed Coats

Updated on March 16, 2011

Tweed Coats Are Fashionable for Men or Woman

Are you looking to exude a level of fashion with your coat? If you are then you may want to consider adding tweed coats to your wardrobe. Tweed coats have been through the fashion fads and have never been out of style even though their fabric remains the same.

Tweed is a warm fabric that is often used to make winter coats, suits, tops, and pants. The fabric is used to make both men and woman's clothing. It is a simple fabric that gives off simplicity and elegance to the wearer.

If you are looking for the finest tweed clothing than you need tweed clothing that comes from Scotland. This is where the world's finest weavers reside and where the best tweed comes from. For centuries these Scottish weavers have produced the world's finest tweed items and this is not about to change any time soon.

Be Stylish in a Tweed Coat

Tweed coats can be woven by hand or machine. You will pay a higher price for the hand woven tweed coat but the uniqueness and quality often makes up for the price.

Tweed coats are popular the world over. From Europe to South America you can find people wearing tweed coats in almost any area of the world.

Tweed coats come in many styles and sizes. There are waist high tweed coat sports coats to long women's tweed coats. Maternity tweed coats are also very popular with pregnant woman. What you choose will depend on your style and also where you will be wearing the tweed coat.

With the high availability of tweed coats you can find them in most stores once the weather turns cold. They are also available from many online retailers if you would rather shop the web at a site like or eBay.

Tweed Coat
Tweed Coat

There are many styles of tweed coats both for men and women. For women there are more colors of tweed coats available. You can also find maternity tweed coats made especially for pregnant woman. Long tweed coats as well as short tweed coats are available depending on your style.


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