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Twentyone Black Perfume By Rue 21

Updated on October 13, 2015

It's Fall Ya'll

Question? Does anyone in their twenties still dress up for Halloween? This seems to be a big topic right now, with my friends and I. My friends are kinda, split on the topic. I want to dress up and go out, even if it's just to eat dinner. HAHA! This just happens once, a year so, why not enjoy it? Also, gives me an excuse to, do some crazy make up. Be watching out for some Halloween, make up tips and tricks. I can't wait! If you are dressing up are you gong for sexy or scary? I haven't decided, what I am going to be yet! If you have any ideas feel free to share. Fall is here, in Georgia at least. I wore leggings most of the past week, not the same pair of course. I would like to add, a few more patterns or colors to my collection though. Never can have to many leggings or at least that's what I always say. Break out the pumpkin spice, oooooo honey it has been brought out!

Beauty Blog Giveaway

Ok, the time is almost here! I will be giving all the details on how to enter this week! Please, be watching out for that. You can go read, one of my pervious blogs titled, Beauty Blog Giveaway, to find out more about this. I am very excited and hope you are too. If this one goes well, I will be doing another one, in the future.


My Review

I found this perfume, kinda on accident. Like, I do, on most of my great finds. Sometimes, you find things, when you really aren't looking. I do have, a lot of perfume from high dollar to just a few dollar body sprays. I'm not into paying a lot of money just for the name of the bottle, it has to be worth it and then, some. I do have a few of Rue 21's perfumes so, I thought why not add this one to the collection? I don't have a specific style of scent I like, like floral or outdoorsy. I found this bottle, at the register and tested it. Mmmm, yes it smelt like heaven on a warm beach day. Does that make since? HAHA! It's like you can literally smell the sand,sun,water and a little sunscreen all in one spray. I fell in love, right there. I instantly bought it. I paid less, then twenty dollars for it. Love, the price too! The scent seems, to last most of the day and not to wear off, as soon as i put it on. The bottle has a cute style too, it's back with light pink swirls and lid. I wear this, as a daily scent and would recommend this for any age or occasion.

Comments And Questions

I do want to add, I am in no way, paid by any cosmetic company to write reviews. I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask! ~LillyRose

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