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Twilight Apparel - Buy Twilight Clothes Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Twilight is one of the fastest growing phenomena's ever to exist within pop culture; not even five years ago had the population medium heard of Twilight; and now it's everywhere. From the best selling books to midnight movie line ups, Twilight is one of the best selling franchises to ever exist.

One of the more crazy aspects of Twilight, is how quickly the books and the movies were released to the public; the final movie of the saga is set to be released in November 2011, only four years after the first one came out. This hasty rise has also made many Twilight merchandise opportunities, from Twilight clothing, to Twilight action figures, to even Twilight bedding.

You've clicked on this article though - so I'm sure you already know that.

Twilight apparel spans a big variety, making it one of the best selling aspects of Twilight. Everyone (well maybe not everyone) wants to have a Twilight wardrobe full of team Edward hoodies.


Twilight Clothing

With Christmas just around the corner, as well as the lead up to the final chapter of the Twilight saga, it's a perfect time to buy Twilight clothing. Twilight clothes are availble for both boys and girls (although I'm sure it's more popular for the girls) and comes in all sizes.

The following is available:

  • Twilight Pajamas
  • Team Edward Hoodies
  • Edward Cullen Shirts
  • Twilight Hoodies
  • Team Jacob Shirts
  • Twilight Sweatshirts
  • Twilight Tee Shirts

Twilight Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Hoodies and sweatshirts are some of the best fitting clothes.  As far as Twilight clothing goes, Twilight sweatshirts are some of the fastest and best selling pieces of apparel.  Most of them feature cool designs, such as a picture of Edward about to kiss you know who.  On the back of many of the Twilight hoodies is a quote from the movie or the book. 

All Twilight sweatshirts for your Twilight wardrobe are made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester; they are recommended for ages 14 and up are made in both mens and womens sizes.  They are also officially licensed Twilight apparel.  

Team Edward Hoodies

One of the more popular pieces of Twilight Apparel are Team Edward Hoodies.  As far as Twilight clothing goes, Team Edward Hoodies are some of the highest quality; most feature a dark blue color and are made out of polyester and cotton. 

Team Edward hoodies are cheaper than most Twilight sweatshirts making them an excellent Christmas or birthday gift. 


Twilight Tee Shirts

The second bestselling Twilight Apparel are Twilight Shirts.  They are similar to Twilight hoodies in that they are officially licensed Twilight apparel and are affordable and have good, creative designs.

The newest Twilight Tee Shirts are ones from the Twilight Saga Eclipse movie; many of these shirts feature a picture from the film, whether it's from a scene or a portrait of one of the characters.  Many people want to buy Edward Cullen clothes, and Twilight shirts are the best option for such a venture; the majority of Twilight tee shirts, and most Twilight clothing, are Edward Cullen clothes. 

Team Jacob Shirts

It's interesting to note the two opposing parties of fans within the Twilight universe: Team Edward and Team Jacob.  Team Edward have all the hoodies, while Team Jacob have all the shirts.

Team Jacob Shirts are a great way to show your Twilight spirit, all of them featuring either a picture of Jacob, a quote from Jacob, are have the word 'Team Jacob' embodied somewhere. 

Twilight Pajamas

One of my favorite pieces of Twilight Apparel are Twilight Pajamas. Why? Well because pajamas could possible be the most comfiest pieces of clothing on the entire planet.

Twilight pajamas are no different, made out of 100% cotton and drawstring pants it'll be hard for you to find time, or want to find time, to take change clothing. Twilight Pajamas, like all Twilight clothing for sale, have both Team Edward and Team Jacob styles; as well as Bella pajamas, for those of you who could care less.

Some Twilight pajamas will include Twilight shirts for sale as a bonus; some even have some Twilight accessories included.


Plus Size Twilight Apparel

Twilight clothing comes in all sizes; there is even a section of plus size Twilight apparel.  Plus size Twilight apparel includes all of Twilight clothing, for shirts, tee shirts, sweaters, hoodies, socks, and pajamas. 

It's a great gift for Christmas. 

Kirsten Steward is the lead actress in the Twilight Saga.
Kirsten Steward is the lead actress in the Twilight Saga. | Source


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