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Twilight Cosmetic Contacts

Updated on November 27, 2011

Twilight Color Contacts


Do they work well on dark eyes??

My eyes are dark brown, this is sapphire blue contacts I'm wearing. See how they do in fact work well on brown eyes.
My eyes are dark brown, this is sapphire blue contacts I'm wearing. See how they do in fact work well on brown eyes. | Source

Want to change your eye color??

There are several rumors about "color contacts" causing blindness. NOT true. Eye infections are the result of unclean fingers. Proper hand washing and care of your contacts will prevent eye infections. Color contacts are the same as vision contacts in that perspective.

I have been wearing cosmetic contacts for over a year and never had an infection. It's a neat way to try something new and bold. People WILL notice, and you will be happy with them.

How to Care for your contacts

Keep them in a case with enzyme removal solution. The same solution you would buy for regular vision contacts. Wash your hands really good and dry them on a clean cloth. Make sure to open your case first. After hands are clean apply contacts. Then wash hands again. Do not wear them to bed. They usually last 8-12 weeks with proper care. Wear them 6-8 hours at a time, no more than 12 hours a day. If your eyes get dry while wearing your contacts, you can buy re-wetting drops for contacts. Carry the drops with you and apply as needed. The solution and re-wetting drops are not expensive at all and can be purchased at most stores that sale contact care supplies. Never used regular visine.

More about Color Contacts

Cosmetic lenses are fantastic for special occasions or just daily wear. It's not for everyone though. You must get accustomed to touching your eyeball. :) It usually takes a few practices to get it right and then it's simple! Decide on a color best suited for you and give it a try. Get them online several places for 9-25$ but you must have an eye physician's prescription to make sure your eyes are fitted for cosmetic lenses. FDA guidelines!


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