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Twinkle Twinkle Panties! Mesh Veil Lingerie

Updated on May 13, 2010
Visit for purchasing information.
Visit for purchasing information.

Have you ever been caught between a desire for modesty and a desire for your clothing to effectively cover very little of your body? Have you ever wondered what it might be like if your panties got married? Have you ever gazed up at the moon and wondered why no underwear that gives the impression that the wearer has a fine, gauzy tail exists yet? If you said yes to any of the above, then I am about to change your life. Like Dr Phil, except my hokey platitudes probably won't be picked up by Oprah. Damn you Oprah! Damn you Queen of Day Time Television!

Anyway, these panties are from Carol Malony, who is probably a person, but who is also a fashion line of panties. I like these ambiguities, they make life more mysterious and interesting. The panties are called twinkle panties, a name that suits them rather well. The 'twinkle' name comes not from the bow and veil at the back of the panties, but from the little heart shaped charm that dangles at the front. Not only do these panties have a veil tail, they also have bling.

The veil at the back attaches under a lovely thick bow, and is 12 inches long. The veil that is, not the bow, the bow is not a foot long because that would be excessive, even for a pair of panties like these that barely fit the definition of panties.

Is the veil removable? Yes. Is it removable by a button, or perhaps some Velcro, soft alternatives that would make sense? No. It is attached with a safety pin (included). I love the fact that Carol Malony decided to include a free safety pin. I like nothing more than having something potentially very sharp and pointy lurking around by lower spine. It makes my day that much more interesting. We all need a little danger in our lives now, don't we?

Other features on these panties include ruffling accents around the waist and legs, which impart a subtle femininity totally overshadowed by the foot long veil hanging from one's behind.

I always applaud innovation in the sphere of panties, and these twinkle panties are nothing if not innovative. Indeed, they put me rather in mind of the somewhat more restrained butt cravat panties I reviewed earlier in this series. Ruffles, cravats, veils - all a lad or lady needs in their lingerie drawer.


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    • profile image

      SteveD 7 years ago

      I don't think these are for long term wear......

      But a tail? Bustles were so 19th Century.