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Types Of Lip Gloss And Lip Gloss Buying Tips

Updated on October 22, 2011

Woaho…. Glosses are the love of every girl. Glosses can make the lips of every girl so luscious that she may make her dream man fall for just her beautiful shiny glimmering lips. You just put on the glimmering lip gloss on and you will find yourself as a complete different personality. Currently lip glosses have become so popular among teen age girls and even women too that now so many firms came up with thousands and thousands of different types of lip glosses in so many different shades.

Types Of Lip Glosses

Most common type of lip gloss found in market is one that is roll on tubes. Now the glosses are serving apart from just the shimmers. These are also used now to keep the lips of woman hydrated and include ingredients like glycerin, aloe-Vera and vitamin E as all these help in moisturizing the lips.

Another type of lip gloss is oily lip gloss, in this in addition to these ingredients mentioned above oils are also used. And these come in different types of tubes, bottles and all the different packaging and colors.

There are also cream lip glosses which are also found in every color and packaging. But there is a problem that is attached to these cream based lip glosses that these may make lips get dry.

Than comes the most loveable type of lip gloss by women and that is transfer-resistant lip gloss. These are good for the woman who are on move for long and go out of home for long time. This is beneficial for such woman because this type of lip gloss stays on for long on lips and remains looks fresh too. So the women applying these may remain worry free for hour for their fresher looking lips.

How to Buy A Perfect Lip Gloss For Yourself

  • First thing you need to do is that decide that up tow hat price you are ready to pay for getting a lip gloss that you want. It’s not necessary that always a very expensive branded lip gloss will be a good option. You may find cheap and medium priced lip glosses easily in cosmetics sections of different malls. So don’t just underestimate those and over look.
  • Next is up to you as to what way you like to apply the lip gloss. Tube types are sometimes roll on while some have sticks with them to apply gloss on your lips and for pot types you either need to use finger or brush to apply. So it’s up to you to decide which type you like and search accordingly.

  • In next step decide on that what color lip gloss you want and how much you glimmer want in it. There is now a day an endless range of colors in lip glosses is available so decide for any color according to either your skin tone or complexion. Or if buying particularly for some event than according to rest of make up.
  • Other qualities of lip glosses can also be considered like I mentioned above about the moisturizing feature. So if your lips are dry you may find glosses especially which have feature of keep your lips moisturized.

  • If you have thinner lips and you want to increase volume of your lips you may use the new type of lip glosses available in market that are plumping glosses. Plumping glosses actually increase the circulation to your lips through its ingredient Vitamin E and hence your lips look fuller.

Lip glosses are commonly in among the girls as this product was designed keeping teen aged girls in mind. This is because young teen age girls don’t look good with lip sticks applied to their lips.

So these lip glosses give their lips a shinier look and yet does not make them look older due to dark colors. Usually as lip sticks are of darker shade so does not look good on young girls. Although even the lip glosses are found in numerous shades from transparent to almost black ones.

Lip glosses can also be used by middle aged women or ladies while going out at nights. As it gives a shinny look to lips and make them attractive so it suits well with night make up.

Important Tips

Lastly, just two tips for all the girls apply lip gloss that those who have smaller lips avoid applying darker lip glosses because that is going to you lips look smaller.

Another thing that always apply lip gloss to the center of your lower lip as a second cote after applying lip gloss to both of your lips. This  is going to give a more stunning look to you and your lips.


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image


      8 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Great hub on lip glosses and application, thanks!


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