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Types Of Pants

Updated on December 18, 2011

Pants are another article of clothing common to both men and women. A pant in general is a piece of clothing used to cover legs. It has been one of the most common attire of men and women for centuries. Pants can be made of any material but mostly they are made of cotton, nylon, denim, wool, spandex or polyester.

Today there is a great variety of different types of pants for both men and women. For men pants are the most important article of clothing as unlike women who can wear dresses and skirts men only have the option of wearing pants with shirts. Still, men’s pants are simpler and fewer in types then women. However below mentioned are some types of pants used by both men and women:



Trousers are straight pants made of cotton, linen, polyester, wool or nylon. Usually trousers are made for formal purposes and are worn below dress shirts.

Trousers have their pockets stitched inwards and can vary with the width of the legs.

For both men and women there are two types of trousers:

  • Pleated trousers
  • Flat front trousers

Pleated trousers
Pleated trousers | Source

Pleated Trousers

These pants are one of the classiest type of pants. These pants have pleats in front and are highly sophisticated, elegant and trendy.

Pleated trousers can be worn on any occasion whether it’s a dinner, a wedding or a job interview. The best thing about pleated pants is that they have never gone out of fashion. These simple pants go along any dress shirt.

For women pleated pants can be worn on formal occasions and on work, with blouses or dress shirts. A smart jacket can also be worn to give a more sophisticated look.

Flat front trousers
Flat front trousers | Source
Modern stylish Denim
Modern stylish Denim | Source

Flat Front Trousers

As the name suggests, flat front trousers are flat from the front. These pants were very popular once, particularly in the 1970s.However the demand for flat front trousers has once again increased but of course with some modern changes.

These pants are made for those who have a slim body shape. Shirts are usually tucked under the pants when wearing these pants. While buying a flat front pant one must be sure that it fits him perfectly.

Women can wear these pants with fancy blouses. In fact flat front trousers and blouses were one of the main fashions of the late 1970s.

Jeans and Denims

Jeans and denims are the most popular types of pants for men. These are casual pants worn under polo shirts and T-shirts.

There is a large variety of jeans and denims available in markets. A part from formal occasions jeans can be worn anywhere, in fact jeans has become dress code for informal occasions.

Like in men, jeans and denims are the most popular type of pants among women. They are casual and can be worn under T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops etc. Women's jeans have a slight different cut then men’s jeans. Some varieties of women jeans are: boot cut jeans, low rise jeans, medium rise jeans and ultra low rise jeans.

Cargo pants are the most trendy and comfortable outdoor casual pants. I just love them!
Cargo pants are the most trendy and comfortable outdoor casual pants. I just love them! | Source

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are the most comfortable of all the types of pants. These pants are loose and baggy boasting an extremely comfortable and cool look. They are perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking.

Cargo pants are made of a hardwearing fabric which is stitched via hard stitching allowing free movements. Mostly cargo pants are worn with polo shirts and T-shirts.

Cargo pants are also quite popular among women. They too can wear them with polo shirts and T-shirts.

Cropped pants are also called three quartered pants.
Cropped pants are also called three quartered pants. | Source

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are a famous type of pants popular particularly among women.

These pants are straight slim pants which may reach up to the ankle or may be just up at the calves or the knees slightly below the knees.

Most famous types of cropped pants are pedal pushers, gauchos and capris. Pedal pushers and capris are tight fitting pants which reach down below the knees.

Gauchos are also knee length pants which are flared from below, they are worn for dance and yoga classes.

Striped leggings
Striped leggings | Source


Leggings are tight elastic pants which became popular among both men and women during the 1980’s.

These pants are made of spandex, polyester or nylon and are made for the slim people as the completely fit the shape of the legs.

After being a rage during the 80’s they disappeared from the fashion but now they are in again.


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