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Types Of Shirts

Updated on December 16, 2011

A shirt is a piece of clothing worn by men and women both to cover the upper parts of their bodies. A shirt can be long or short and be of various designs and styles but generally all shirts have gaps for arms and neck.

When it comes to dividing shirts into different types we can say that basically there are two major types of shirts: shirts for women and shirts for men. Since in this article I will cover the types for both men and women all the important types of shirts for both and women will be discussed.

For women shirts are more versatile in terms of designs and patterns. Compared to men their shirts are more trendy, but there are fewer types of shirts for women than for men as females can wear all sorts of dresses but men mostly wear shirts along with pants or shorts. Women on the other hand usually wear shirts on top of skirts, shorts, trousers, pants or jeans.


When it comes to categorizing shirts in general terms, we can say that for both men and women there are two major types of shirts: Formal shirts and Casual shirts.

Formal shirts are usually long or short sleeved but never sleeve less and are mostly used for formal wear whereas Casual shirts can have many variation and are used for daily wear, party wear and casual wear.

A typical T-shirt
A typical T-shirt | Source


T-shirts are simple shirts which are either with or without sleeves. They have a plane collarless necks and no buttons at the front.

T-shirts are usually simple in cut and made of thin cotton. They are perfect to wear during the summer for both men and women. T-shirts are usually worn for casual wear and on top of jeans and shorts.

T-shirts are also the most popular shirts amongst both youngsters and old because they are comfortable and easy to be worn.

A pullover
A pullover


Pullovers are long sleeved shirts with no collar. Common pullovers for both men and women include: Jerseys and Sweat shirts.

Pull overs are generally loose and are either plain or have patterns on them. Pull overs have either a round or a V-neck and go best with shorts and jeans. Among women sweat shirts are more popular than jerseys. Jerseys are a bit looser than sweat shirts and are mostly worn by men.

Sweat shirts although have full sleeves yet they are perfect for summers. They are made of a thick absorbent material which soaks the sweat of a person, hence its called a sweat shirt.

A Polo Shirt
A Polo Shirt | Source

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are also another very common type of shirts which are worn both by men and women. Polo shirts are mostly plain with short sleeves, a collar and two or three buttons that open at the neck.

Polo shirts also fall in the type of casual shirts that go best with jeans. Polo shirts are mostly popular among middle aged people as they are mostly plain unlike the T-shirts which can be very versatile when it comes to colors, patterns and designs.

For women they are mostly tightly fitted and are worn only with jeans while for men they are quite loose and go best with jeans and sometimes with dress pants.

Polo shirts are also worn during the summers.

Typical Dress Shirt
Typical Dress Shirt | Source

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are formal shirts with long sleeves, a collar and buttons which run from the neck down to the bottom. Dress shirts are made of a fine cotton fabric. They also have cuffs at the end of the sleeves.

Dress shirts in particular are more popular in men while women prefer to wear blouses. Dress shirts are loose do not have a very tight fitting. Men wear it with cotton or linen trousers along with jackets or coats. A necktie is also worn on top of a dress shirt, mostly in professional working environments.

The dress shirts of women are also referred to as blouses. Their dress shirts are worn with trousers and long shirts along with slim jackets. Women's dress shirts usually don’t have cuffs and are made of satin, chiffon silk or cotton. Women's dress shirts are fancier as compared to those of men.


Evening Shirts

Evening shirts are special types of dress shirts worn specifically on certain occasions like; formal parties or ceremonies held in the evening. These shirts are usually referred by the name 'Tuxedo shirt'. These shirts are plain white, formal shirts that are always worn along with a tuxedo jacket.

Tuxedos just like dress shirts are cuffed with a collar and have buttons from neck to the end. Tuxedos however are also pleated along the buttons from top to bottom. Although women too wear tuxedos, they are more popular among men.

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