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Types of Beads, the Important Jewelry Material

Updated on November 4, 2014

Beads are man’s favorite material for making jewelry. Since ancient times, beads are used to adorn different parts of body, and also dresses, by way of embroidery, and even today, they are preferred to make anything made of series. Though we commonly know and use a few types of beads, they are of numerous types, which are interesting to see.


Crystal beads are made of glass and have a great shine. For more shine, they are generally faceted too. Swarovski are the most commonly used crystals. Czech crystals too are famous, because of their high quality at cheaper cost. Crystal beads are popular for adorning wedding attires, special pieces of jewelry and tiaras.

Flatback Beads

These are crystals having a flat side, so as to be glued, instead of passing through thread.

Gemstone Beads

These are made of semiprecious gemstones, like jade or amethyst. They are polished and have holes to pass through thread. They are quite costly.


Pearls, freshwater or saltwater and natural or cultured, are also made into beads.

Classic Pearl Choker

Seed Beads

These are like seed beads in shape, but are bigger in size and are commonly made of plastic or wood, and sometimes of glass too.

Crow Beads

These are large beads and resemble seed beads in shape. They are generally made of glass, wood or plastic and are bigger than pony beads.

Faceted Beads

These are made from cutting to produce many flat facets to give a sparkling effect. They are commonly made of glass, but can occur in semi-precious stones too, like garnets.

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The name itself suggests that they are shaped like donuts, i.e. flat circles with a big hole in the middle. They are often made of semi-precious stones, though are available in cheaper materials too.


They are more compressed than rounded beads and so are great spacers. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Beads, whether made of gemstones or glass or plastic, make lovely jewelry and even beautify our dresses. Doubtlessly, they form an important jewelry material.

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