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Types of skin and how all types of skins became ideal skins

Updated on March 18, 2011

types of skin


skin is the layer of many tissues n fiberals. There are many many thin membranes on it . these membrane save the heath of the real skin . But these membranes are so sensitive . Every thing like atmosphere, mental condition, food habits, chemicals which is used by a person also badly effect on skin and membranes.

types of skin

Types of skin

we have five main types of skin. (1) dry skin (2) oily skin (3) normal skin (4) combination skin (5) acne skin

dry skin

dry skin

This is the type of skin in which the skin fell hard and stretched . This stretch causes the looseness of collagen. And skin looses its elasticity . Main recolonization of dry skin is that it looks like powdery. some times in cold weather dry skin have attain white scars also

remidies to cure dry skin

remidies to cure dry skin

to prevent the distractions of dry skin we should use glycerin soap use good moisturizers . Should eat high protein diet

As home remidies , Should apply milk and curd as a mask nand honey also

it prevents your skin from dryness .

honey home ramidy

mix one teaspoon of honer in one Tbs of milk cream mix it well and apply it on face ,arm and feet. then rub it after half an hour wash it without any soap. your skin will became smooth and moisturized.

oily skin

the skin which produce extra oil on appear surface of the face is called oily skin . it produce bad effects on the collagen cells, Due to extra oil the pores of the skin opens and filled with dust and became white and black heads . but the benefit of this type of skin is that oily skin don't lose its elasticity Remidies for oily skin

(1) To prevent from extra oil on skin v should use water to splash our face two times in an hour

(2) use a tissue paper to tap your skin after some minutes .

(3) Use mud mask daily and mix some drops of lemon in it .

All these remedies change your skin into an ideal skin.

oily skin

normal skin

Normal Skin

normal skin is an ideal skin it is not dry and not oily it has a good ph value and good percentage of moisture also it always show beauty of skin and normal skin have always a fair wrinkle free and fair color .


to maintain the texture of skin we should use sun block whick prevents skin from ultra vilot rays

normal skin

combination skin

Combination skin

A combination skin is the skin which has some parts of face dry and some oily . mostly nose area, chin area and cheek area of this type of skin is oily and other parts like neck ,forehead and upper lips are dry area , this type of skin face both dry and oily skin problems.. Remedies

(1) for combination skin egg with yoke and white mask is so good it helps to repair it into an ideal skin.

(2) for combination skin pee l of mask is best it tuns it in to an ideal skin

Combination skin

Acne skin

the skin which having the problem of pimples and fracles is called acne skin . It is so problematic skin type . Main cause of the acne on skin is constipation it damages collagen and all membranes Remedies. Mostly acne skin having oily skin problems also

(1) to cure acne skin we should use a stringent.(2) we should use a lot of water in take(3) to cure acne apply a mask of tamarind.

Acne skin



                                                    After above remedies we should gain an ideal skin . We should gain ideal skin with care which is suggested for your skin.

ideal skin after ramidies

30 beauty tips for you in very short time

dark colored skin

Dark colored skin And remedies for dark skin

                                                                           There is dark skin in many parts of this planet earth . many peoples want to improve their color in dark to fair .Some African ppl also have dark skin . But dark skin is also so beautiful and attractive if its condition is good

                                 To maintain the condition off all types of dark skin  ,There are some suggestions .

                       (1) To maintain dark dry skin use oil base face washes . and use egg and yougrt at breakfast and milk at night In fruits use banana and apple. To apply direct on skin use Glycerin .Apply  yogurt directly rub it n wash face with face wash.

                        (2) to maintain dark oily skin use oil free facewash . Don;t  eat fried items . Eat grapes and citrus fruits And apply lemon n yogurt mask and mud mask and peel off  mask it closes the open pores.

                       (3)for acne and combination use the products for all types of skin or for specific for acne.Don't eat mangoes and high sugar fruit. As ramadies use lemon and rose water to splash. and apply tamarind and aloe vera paste daily on acne and combination skin. By following all this every dark skined  can find ideal skin.


herbal cleansing facial


Cleansing is the most important care for each type of skin. here i want to share a deep cleansing facial . which provide life to your skin. it is recommended for each type of skin .

STEP 1: Cleansing

Take 2 tbs of yogurt and apply smoothly on your skin and after 4 minutes wipe off with wet cotton .

STEP 2 : Massage

Take 3 tbs of rosewater 2 tea spoon of cream and 2 tbs of lemon juice. Apply on the whole face and take a proper massage and press pressure points and after 7 minutes of proper massage wipe off with wet cotten


2 tbs of powdered almonds and 2tbs of lemon juice make it as a paste and scrub it with round movement of finger tips . After 5 minutes of doing scrub wash it with cold water.


Apply an egg with white and yolk and apply it and stay until it dry.Then wash your face.




Scrub is a granule like paste. It removes inner dust and dead skin layer on the skin. HERBAL SCRUBS

Crushed rice and lemon is the best scrub for normal skin.

Crushed Almonds and milk cream is best scrub for dry skin.

crushed orange peels and lemon juice is best scrub for oily skin.

crushed Almonds and aloe Vera is best herbal scrub for combination skin.

Tamarind paste and crushed almonds are good herbal scrub for acne skin.



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    • sharingknowledge profile image

      SHAR NOR 

      5 years ago from Miami, FL

      Thank you for the great Hub. Skins and their types. Great.

    • calgaryc9 profile image


      7 years ago

      oh...if i have skin like that picture, I am so happy. thank for the info surale, I will try your suggestion.

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 

      7 years ago from GA, United States

      Great Hub Surale on the skin.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      its worthy of reading...


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