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UGG Boots Size 9

Updated on January 26, 2014

So You Wanna Wear Your Slippers Outside - UGG Boots to the Rescue

Size 9 UGG Boots – yep this is an article about nothing that is about to go nowhere and fast. Why this is a bit of a parody as some spammers are continually blasting my sites with UGG Boots links. Seriously I’m trying to see if I’m missing out. Why did I not see this Tsunami of marketing genius… slippers to wear outside! Brilliant!

You would think these things are the greatest shoe since man invented shoes. Affiliates must know something I don’t as they try to cash in on this Holiday Seasons. Why Size 9 and not Size 7 or Size 8 or whatever? Because some clever spammers have figured out that Ugg Boots Size 9 is the highest paying keyword.

Amazon sells UGG Boots. Yippee. I didn’t even know what they were until the spammers started hitting my sites. Last year it was Crocs. Who buys shoes online? I guess a lot of people as Zappos pulls in over $1 Billion a year in sales! I prefer to buy my shoes the old fashioned way. Go to the store and try them on!

I personally think they look like house slippers. If you have never heard of them you can visit the UGG Boots Website and see for yourself.

Is every Size 9 Ugg Boot wearing person just not smart enough to find a legitimate outlet for the product? Is everyone happy with the mighty UGG Boots? You know there are sites claiming they are the best shoes on the planet, made only from the finest hand fed organic sheep.

Here are some of the Happy UGG Boot Customers:

I've heard about Ugg boots for years so I finally broke down and purchased a pair. I just use them as slippers for around the house. They are so comfortable and love putting my bare feet in them!

Awesome this person has discovered house slippers! Pricey house slippers.

Hi everyone I ordered direct from the UGG Australia website after reading reviews on Amazon that they could possibly be made in China if ordered elsewhere. When I received my boots they were MADE IN CHINA!! I wrote to UGG Australia to complain about the boots being made in china here is there reply: Thank you for your below inquiry on the country of manufacture of UGG brand boots. As you note, most UGG Classics are now made in China. Our Australian sources simply could not handle the volume of boots we now manufacture.

Hmm what’s that? UGG Boots is just like every other Corporation? Say it isn’t so! The bottom line is the only thing that matters is money… how sad.

And now for some useless affiliate dribble and the very reason why the FTC is cracking down on Affiliate Marketers who make up lies to push a product.

UGG boots are made using only the highest quality, grade ‘A’ sheepskins, evident in the plush fleece and smooth hides, designed to be worn barefoot to maximize the benefits from the sheepskin.

Of course that is evident, jeez I wasn’t born yesterday. I can just look at the pictures on the website and tell they are the highest of quality. And why wouldn’t they be – after all your one page affiliate website is made with the highest of quality as well.

Classic Short UGG Boots on sale ,cheap uggs boots on sale with great discount, Replica uggs boots outlet uk? Imitation uggs? cheap ugg boots?ugg australia? ugg shoes? fake ugg brand boots.

This clever affiliate has been doing keyword research.

Disclaimer: Ugg boots have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. I do not own UGG BOOTS Size 9, I do not own UGG BOOTS Size 7, I will probably never buy a pair of UGG Boots. I prefer Sperry, Nunn Bush, and Rockport.

Does the UGG in UGG Boots mean Pretty?

Hey lets wear our slipper outside!
Hey lets wear our slipper outside!


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