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UGG Roslynn

Updated on July 15, 2011

UGG Roslynn is the latest addition to UGG's Metropolitan collection. The Roslynn presents a clean, elegant, traditional design built upon the sheepskin linings which make UGG such a loved brand. The luxurious sheepskin boots feature Scotch-Guard protected Silkee suede suppers. The main feature of the Roslynn is its nylon coil zipper which runs down the side of the boot which provides a slim fit. These boots are perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to the Classic Short Ugg Boot as the zipper adds a fresh, fashion forward element.

Other Ranges

UGG do not only make footwear for women, they also have children and mens ranges. The kids range includes the kameron shoe which is a classic lace up sneaker. It includes a Twinface collar and tongue which provides an extremely comfy fit. A mens favourite is the Bremerton which is a mix between a classic boat shoe and leather trainers. The laces add a nautical slant on the shoe as they are made from rich leather and and classic leather laces.

About UGG

In 1978 Brian Smith, an Australian surfer created the UGG boot and since then the population has embraced the cosy footwear brand including many celebrities. UGG states it is nothing alike its competitors due to its unique selling point – Grade-A Merino sheepskin. Grade A sheepskin is naturally thermostatic which means that they will keep your bare feet at body temperature, no matter what the temperature outside.


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