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UV Tanning Bed Teeth Whitener: Twilight Teeth Whitening System Review

Updated on July 17, 2011
Twilight Teeth Platinum 25 U.v. Accelerated Whitening System
Twilight Teeth Platinum 25 U.v. Accelerated Whitening System

Twilight Teeth PLatinum 25 U.V. Accelerated Whitening System Stronger polymer based gel Platinum 25 NO RINSING formula New Brush-On System Saccharrine Free Formula


My local tanning salon, Seattle Sun Tan carries the UV Teeth Whitener Twilight Teeth Whitening System. They also sell it for $39.99. Too much money when the Twilight Teeth Whitening System can be purchased on For cheap at Amazon or Ebay for under $20.

I purchases my tanning bed teeth whitener online. I paid just under $20 and it was well worth the money. I am not an regular user of indoor tanning beds, but because summer is coming up and I had a bunch of medium pressure bed tans left from last year, I wanted to make the most of them might as well whiten teeth while I'm tanning.

Whiten Teeth With Twilight

This tanning bed whitening system comes with a mouthpiece and Carbamide Peroxide gel. It is the UV light and heat that activates the chemicals in the gel to help them pull out the stains and whiten teeth.

The mouth pieces is a bit clumsy feeling in the mouth. Drool is unavoidable and if your doing a stand up tan, drooling out of your mouth will probably be unavoidable. The tanning salon I go to has lay down medium pressure tanning beds. I find that I produce a lot of drool, but I also keep the clean towel next to me and sort of slide my head to the side to empty my mouth while tanning.

The bed I use is just 12 minutes, so it's no big deal.

Twilight Teeth Whitening System
Twilight Teeth Whitening System

Twilight Teeth Whitening System Works. Right Away!

I am a smoker and occasional coffee drinker. My teeth were looking pretty bad before I started with the UV tanning teeth whitener. I noticed a difference on the very first use. I'll be doing my 4th use while tanning tomorrow. After that I think I will be saving my Twilight Teeth Whitening System product for a few months down the road to whiten teeth because I'm really happy with the results I've achieved thus far.

The gel doesn't taste bad. It's minty. Wintergreen flavor. I did not experience any sensitivity.


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    • profile image

      toni :) 6 years ago

      i don't use that mouth piece thing. i just smile when im in the tanning bed and that whitens my teeth. that probly has a better resalt tho... but just smiling makes them a little whiter too