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Best Womens Clogs - Uggs from Australia

Updated on January 27, 2013

The Ugg Clogs

Ugg Clogs

Fashion and Comfort

When you think about getting a pair of Uggs, I am sure you are thinking about those boots that have a flat soled heel and somewhere there is some fur. They are probably the most known trend that is also one of the best comfort shoes ever made. But honestly that is a shoe trend that has come and gone. Yes we are all still wearing this sort of boot, as they are hard to resist being that they are so easy to get on and off as well as comfy. And of course they go with pretty much every outfit imaginable.

ugg australia kalie clogs
ugg australia kalie clogs

Ugg Australia

You know that Uggs is a huge successful footwear company when one of the most elite quarterback of the NFL gives his endorsement. UGGs has inked a deal with the New England Patriots' Tom Brady for him to endorse their fall 2011 line of footwear, outerwear and accessories. And you can be sure that Toms wife super model Gisele Bundchen wil be wearing a pair of any or everyone of these Ugg clogs.

"I have worn and loved the UGG brand for a long time," Brady said. "This collaboration gives me an opportunity to work with a leading global brand with a great history and a true vision for the future of its men’s collection. It’s an exciting time to be part of the UGG Australia team."
~ Tom Brady ~ New England Patriots Quarterback

Style and Comfort

The replacement for that go to shoe that we all want and crave is now the clog, and Ugg Australia once again has come through. What's even better is that all the best uggs online can be found right here. They are the luxury shoe brand that is leading the pack with their retro looking line of womens clogs and mules that quite frankly we all need to have at least one pair of! Here you will find the best and most complete clog collection from Ugg, and you can find these comfortable clogs and mules will also keep you stylish and ahead of the times. And as with every shoe from this luxury brand UGG footwear keeps your feet at body temperature in cold or hot climates.

"Vivica" 2 1/2" Wooden Ugg Clog
"Vivica" 2 1/2" Wooden Ugg Clog

The Vivica Clog

This heeled model has lambskin lining at the forefoot making for the sofest walk that will be a the shoe of the year that defines comfort. Classic style that comes in 5 gorgeous colors. The hardest part will be which shade to choose! The rubber outsole gives great traction and shock absorption and it is on 2 1/2 wooden heel.

Pick from Brown, Black, Natural, Grey and Chestnut.

Ugg - The Kaylee Clog in leather and suede
Ugg - The Kaylee Clog in leather and suede
UGG Australia Women's Kaylee Clog Shoes
UGG Australia Women's Kaylee Clog Shoes

Classic Ugg Clog in Black, Brown and Grey Leather Also comes in Grey Suede


4" Chunky Clog

One of the most popular styles from the UGG clog collection is this one they call "Kaylee" . All the quality and detail you expect from UGG, made into a stylish clog the Kaylee from the luxury brand that is also known to makes comfortable shoes with style.
The wooden heel is a bit chunkier and makes it perfect for that casual weekend look. Made with the quality sheepskin lining that Ugg is famous for the shoe is made from the finest Australian leather with the luster you expect. Wooden heel measure about 4"

The "Abbie" Clog from Ugg - In suede and leather
The "Abbie" Clog from Ugg - In suede and leather

Round Toe Classic Clog

The Abbie

If there is but one clog that you get for 2011 it is the Abbie clog from uggs online is the one that you should put on your list. From the trend on studs to the heel that goes with everything this UGG Australian Abbie Bootie type mule will give you a very unique look. Of course this clog has leather lining along with the quality sheepskin lined forefoot that adds comfort and class. I love the classic round toe!

Comes in 3 must have colors : Chestnut, Black and Espresso

Studded Heeled Clog from Ugg in Black or Rust
Studded Heeled Clog from Ugg in Black or Rust

Studed Ugg Slip On

Jolene Suede Clog

Studded wooden leather lined heel with heat embossed UGG® logo and sheepskin lined forefoot make this clog hip and casual. Comes with a simple strap that gos across the top of the clog adding depth to highlight the quality of the shoe. Further detailing of the toe cap complete the look and make is truly one of a kind. With this shoe you get the fashionable style and the perfect comfort shoe that you can go anywhere in . Did I mention the comfort of the sheepskin inner lining that will warm your toes and put a spring in your step!

Comes in Black or Chestnut

Ugg Clogs With Fur

Ugg Fold Over Shearling Clog "Lynnea"
Ugg Fold Over Shearling Clog "Lynnea"
Ugg W Lynnea Charcoal
Ugg W Lynnea Charcoal

Fold over Clog Like Boot from Ugg


Boot Clog from Ugg

The "Lynnea"

Just when you think that you have seen the best of the best, comes this fun and playful boot clog from the Australian boot giant Ugg® . A clog like boot that has a lambskin foldover is trend on the money! Comfortable sheepskin upper, with inner comfy padding and a triple-layer EVA insole. Knowing that Ugg manufactured this boot you can be sure that these boots are not only going to last but they are chic and oh so fashionable. A great new look from the best bootmakers down under. Boasting the Ugg Logo on back of boot. Shaft height: 7" uncuffed, 5" cuffed.

Comes in 5 colors : Black, Charcoal, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Chestnut

Sizing tip from Ugg is that they recommend you order a full size smaller from your regular shoe size and if you are between sizes they suggest ordering a full size and a half smaller then usual.

Gael Low Heeled Wedge Clog with foldover cuff
Gael Low Heeled Wedge Clog with foldover cuff
UGG Australia Women's Gael Clog
UGG Australia Women's Gael Clog

Black casual 2 1/2" slip on clog


Casual Ugg Clog

Straight from down under comes this Australian clog they call Gael. For sure this one will quickly become your go to shoe in your closet. The 21/2 inch wedge like heel that is lined for comfort and the soft suederich leather is completey lined with sheepskin. The ribbing across the width of this clog make it super special.

  • Choose from everyday black or the luscious Cinnamon that has tones of autumns rusty color.
  • This shoe comes in whole sizes only. If between sizes, order one-half size down.

Ugg Slippers
Ugg Slippers

A Slipper that is More than Just a Slipper

Clog-inspired slipper that is more than just an indoor slipper. As all footwear from UGG this shoe is fully lined with genuine sheepskin. The sole provides traction and durability whether you want to wear these in or outdoors.

Choose from the fashion forward model with that boasts a Cable knit design making this style cute and stylish at the same time as the comfort shoe of your dreams. Fully lined and trimmed with genuine sheepskin that can be worn with any casual look you are going for. Embossed with the UGG logo and has a rubber sole for walking in all climates and weather.

UGG footwear should be comfortably snug so they can mold to the shape of your foot.

Uggs Online Always a Favorite

So when you need to back up why you need to have a pair of these Uggs always remember that it was first Oprah endorseing the comfy UGGs on her "Favorite Things" show and now Tom Brady? That is some serious star power behind this Australian brand. And when you can see all the best styles from Uggs online there is no excuse why you don't have your pair yet.


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