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Uggs For Men: A Real Attention Getter

Updated on December 7, 2011

Wearing Mens Uggs Is a Fashion Statement

Uggs are popular footwear. Some love Uggs. Some hate Uggs. But nevertheless, millions of people world wide buy and wear Uggs.

But you may be surprised to know that Uggs are worn by men as well. Most people think of Uggs as a woman's shoe. Wearing Uggs is sure to get you attention. A man wearing Uggs is not just wearing shoes, he is making a statement. But what exactly is he saying? Read on to find out.

(Photo by Kori Evans)

Uggs Boots For Men - Go For Short

While women tend to like the Uggs Classic Tall, men generally prefer Uggs Short Boot

Why Wear Uggs For Men?

Men's Uggs Are a Comfortable Statement. But what do they say?

In this world, it is all too easy to blend in. To become one of the crowd. To fade away into oblivion. So many people combat this anonymity by doing something or wearing something that is a bit unique. For example, many men today wear tatoos or an ear ring. But this requires a bit of pain and a permanent change to your body. At the minimum, you will always have a scar to remember that decision.

If you do not want to scar yourself for life, you can always drive a unique car, a hybrid or a sports car, for example. But this is a major commitment to a statement. This type of statement will cost you thousands and might not be the most practical for your lifestyle.

If you are a guy, wearing Uggs shoes is a bit similar, but alot less dramatic. You are telling people that do not care what others think. You wear what you want to wear. You value comfort and have your own style and your own view of what looks good on your body. You are confident in your masculinity. You are wearing a cool shoe that not everyone wears. But, you are not alone. Even though you may not see them on your street everyday, thousands of guys around the world wear them. If they didn't, would Uggs for men be made in sooo many styles and colors???

To make your statement, you do not have to scar your body. You do not have to spend thousands of dolllars to make a statement. Your Uggs will get you attention. And the best thing is this: If you do not like the attention you will get, you can always wear your Uggs as slippers. No harm done.

Ugg MENS ASCOT - Mens Ugg which can be worn as a slipper OR a street shoe

This is a very popular Ugg shoe. It can be worn as EITHER a house slipper or a street shoe yet It features all the style and functionality of an UGG Australia boot. This shoe combines rich suedes and leathers. It is fully lined in plush sheepskin.

Obsidian Beacon Mens Ugg Uggs Boots - A western style Mens Uggs

These are a great looking shoe that look a bit like a cowboy boot. This boot features all of the comfort and style of Uggs in an attractive design.

Tell Us YOUR opinion on mens Uggs - Uggs For Men, Yes or No?

*Some people HATE Uggs and think no one should wear them.

* Others think Uggs are OK, but ONLY on women.

* Still others say, why not?

* What do you think?

What Do YOU think about Uggs for men?

Uggs should be worn by women only, or no one at all!

Uggs should be worn by women only, or no one at all!

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    Uggs on men? No problem!

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      • Ronald Tucker 4 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

        The Ugg brand makes some very warm and comfortable footwear that I would definitely wear. I especially like the Ugg Australia Sullivan Boot.

      • RelationshipC 6 years ago

        I can see these on my man! I didn't know about them before but now I do.

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        I have been wearing uggs classic sand color since they they came here in the 70s. i now have about 20 pr. of different mens styles and colors. Its the only thing to wear in the fall, winter and spring. Even have the mens tall classic and ultra when they were made in new Zealand. My opion is they look like mens boots but women can wear them too, its almost like women are taking on the male look and role. But really, they have no gender only opions. Very funny to read the blog of what todays youth think of whats been here for a couple hundred years or more. Someday Americans will learn what other countries new for hundreds of years, and what really works.

        Thank you for asking


      • anonymous 8 years ago

        I tried on my first pair last december. I threw out my Timberlands since the UGGs were warm and comfortable and well the Timberlands werent. I now own 4 pairs of UGGS Classic Short 2 in Chestnut, 1 in Camo and 1 in chocolate. Im going to buy a few more pairs in other colors I don't have right now.since I wear mine everyday barefoot in the winter and now spring.They keep my feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. I get alot of attention when Im wearing my UGGs. I wear them with bootcut jeans over the boots. I notice alot of girls looking at my feet. Whether they like them or not I don't care! Sometimes they ask if those are UGGs Im wearing and when I say "yes" most say they like the look on a guy.UGGs are just an awesome boot.

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        UGGs on men are great, and I personally wear them. Some people may laugh, some girls may find it to be a turn-on. Whatever people think, it doesn't matter. As long as you are happy, ignore them. UGG love!

      Uggs Mens Slippers - Uggs; The most comfy slippers you will wear

      These are comfortable slippers. Even if you do not like slippers, you will love these Uggs. Have a look at what the current owners say about them.

      Men: Uggs Will Make You Stand Out

      If you do not like attention, don't wear your Uggs outside of the house. If you wear Uggs, you will be noticed. Wearing Uggs is like wearing an ear ring, without having to put a hole in your body. Wearing Uggs is controversial. Some will love your Uggs. Some will hate them. Wearing Uggs is a conversation starter. Wearing Uggs is a statement. Try it and see. If you do not like the attention you will get, you can always wear your Uggs as slippers.

      Get a bargain on Uggs Mens Shoes On Ebay - See if there is a pair of Uggs Mens Shoes you can bid on, on Ebay.

      Sometimes you can find a deal on Uggs mens shoes on Ebay. But becareful to make sure that your seller has a good reputation. Some people sell counterfeit Uggs shoes on ebay. For more reliability, buy one of the Uggs men shoes on this page above.

      Ugg Australia Men's Lace Up Shoes / Boots - Want your Men's Uggs to look like regular shoes?

      These lace up Men's Uggs have the feel of Uggs, but look more like standard shoes.

      Uggs On Men Can Look Great

      Uggs On Men Can Look Great
      Uggs On Men Can Look Great

      Read This If You Are Going To Buy Uggs For Men

      Some Dos and Don'ts When Buying/Wearing Mens Uggs

      * Buy Short or Ultra Short Boots
      * Buy Ugg Slippers or Ascot
      * Buy Black or Dark Brown
      * Wear with Jeans for example, with low rise boot cut Levi's
      * Enjoy the attention you are going to get

      * Buy Tall Uggs
      * Wear Them Over Your Pants
      * Worry what others think
      * Apologize for your fashion statement

      Search For Uggs Men Shoes - Dont see what you want? Search for different types of Uggs Mens shoes.

      What Do You Think About Uggs Men Shoes - Let the world know if you like Ugg Mens shoes.

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        • EuroSquid LM profile image

          EuroSquid LM 4 years ago

          @anonymous: Saxxman: Thirty years! That is impressive. Thanks for the feedback.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Attitude check. Fashion police should get a life. I live in southern Cal. and rarely wear long pants. When it gets cold, I put on my tall classic Uggs. I purchased them about 30 years ago and they're just now wearing out. I'm trying to find a replacement pair, but can't find tall boots for men. About the best footwear I've ever had. My wife is on her third pair and rarely wears anything else...footwear that is.

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I love my Uggs. I've been wearing short ones for 5 or 6 years, mostly with tight jeans, and they look great and are soooo warm and comfy barefoot. Yes people do notice them but my friends all love them and I've had more compliments than I expected, a couple of female friends saying they look better on me than on a girl. I've got 3 pairs now I've just bought some of the leather Carnero style ones. Expensive but worth every penny! Both me and my wife wear Uggs all winter.

        • vkumar05 profile image

          vkumar05 6 years ago

          Seems interesting. Tempting actually.