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Uggs vs. Bearpaws

Updated on August 31, 2015
UGG Australia
UGG Australia

UGGs In depth

First lets take a look into the quality of the Ugg boot. The Ugg is originally made from leather-ed fleece, with the fleece on the inside and the soles are typically synthetic created from Ethylene-vinyl acetate. The stitching is usually dominant to the outside of the boot, this feature provides for an eye catching characteristic. Although a fabulous design and super cute appearance there are some flaws. I got my first pair of Ugg boots last Christmas and was beyond excited! I also received the Ugg water proofing spray with my boots. I used it as directed coating them about three times and letting them sit for forty eight hours to be sure they dried. The first day I wore them we had about eight to ten inches of snow and by the time I got to work my feet were soaked. I was so upset! I dried them out when I got home and tried to give them another coat of water proof spray and let them sit. The next time I wore them the same thing happened. The leather on the boot was so thin you could see my toe outline and when I water proofed them it changed their color from chestnut to a darker tan. I wasn't satisfied with what I got so I decided to try a different brand which we'll discuss shortly. I personally love the appearance of Uggs they just aren't something that can withstand the harsh Maine winters. In my opinion this isn't a product I would purchase for a "Winter Boot" it's more of a designer brand to be worn for fashion.


  • Stylish design
  • comfortable fit
  • warm interior


  • Loose stitching
  • thin delicate leather exterior
  • sole has very little grip on icy areas
  • waterproofing doesn't help

Bearpaw Logo
Bearpaw Logo

Bearpaw In depth

A little bit to know about Bearpaw. First we're going to look into the difference between how Uggs are made in comparison to Bearpaws. As explained in our first discussion Uggs are made from twin-sided sheepskin which still has the wool attached. Bearpaws are made with sheepskin that is sewn to a separate outer layer of leather which makes this product twice as durable as a single layer used by Ugg. The sole on typical Bearpaws is between one and two inches thick with a strong deep grip on the bottom making it ideal for when you need to cross an icy walkway or road. After purchasing my Uggs and having not the best experience with them I decided I would go out and buy some Bearpaw boots and give them a chance! I also bought the waterproof spray for them in hopes it might work better. Once I was home I followed the usual procedure and sprayed the boots down with three layers to be sure it was fully coated and let them sit for forty eight hours. Once they were dried I got ready and wore them to work, after arriving to work I noticed how dry my feet still were and I was extremely excited. I continued to wear my Bearpaws for the rest of the winter season and never did I have any problems with wet feet, loose stitching, or slipping on ice! So in my opinion if you want a tough, stylish, and warm winter boot that can actually withstand the harsh winter terrain Bearpaw is the brand to go with. During the beginning of my journey into love with boots I started off having one pair of Uggs and one pair of Bearpaws that I had worn each for one winter. As you'll see below this is my comparison picture for one winter season (about six months) that each of them were worn. Both winter seasons were equally as rough as the other and you can clearly tell which boots withstood much more.


  • warm interior
  • tough outer leather
  • stays waterproof
  • thick gripping sole
  • stylish design


  • none that I have encountered

Average price range
Ugg Australia
UGGs after 1 winter
UGGs after 1 winter
Bearpaws after 1 winter
Bearpaws after 1 winter

Which boot do you prefer during the winter months?

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In conclusion I feel as though Bearpaw is the ideal candidate for great winter boots in Maine and or other snowy regions of the world! Uggs are more of a fashion statement or indoor slipper for me! I hope everyone has found my hub to be helpful. Thanks for following hubbers!


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