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Ulta Sculpting Palette (Rosette) Review

Updated on August 26, 2015

Good Ideas

Hello, beauty lovers! It’s an exciting day, I’m finally off the “bootcamp’ period on Hubpages. Yaya, for me! I’m loving writing these beauty product reviews and can’t wait to share some new ideas that I have. I have some good ideas but, that’s just me. Haha! I do wanna share that, I am not given these products or paid to endorse any product.

The New Trend

Sculpting is a huge beauty trend right now, and yes I have been playing with this trend! I have so many sculpting palettes and love to play with them for hours. Like, they are some kind of toy. HA! Well, maybe they are toys just for beauty lovers. I went in to Ulta, right because, I need more stuff. I do!! I found this palette, and said yes please. I love when bronze and pink, come together. So, I was soon excited to get this home and play!

One Color Does Not Fit All

This product is not, one color fits all. It does come in different version, so everyone can use the colors that are best for their skin tone. It comes in Rosette which, is what I have. It also, come in Muse and Astoira. So, check those out if this just doesn't match you, no worries.

Sculpting Palette

Back Of Product

Closed Product

My Review

This product does have a complete clear lid, I do love those. Just so I don't have to search, my crazy make up bag and open everything, trying to find what Im looking for. Turning the palette over you’ll find the name of what ever version you have bought. You’ll also, find the size and thus is 0.55 oz. I always, like to share the size, of any product. I always hate ordering something and it looks huge in the picture and then, you get it home, to find it’s Barbie doll size. I do want to remind everyone, this does not come with a brush. So, please make sure you have a nice sculpting brush. In this palette you’ll find a bronzer, a shade of darker pink as well as, a lighter pink. This is made to enhance your cheeks and your features. I was not disappointing when I opened it. The powder, goes on so smooth and looks natural. It does not take a lot of product, to achieve an everyday look. You can even use this for a more fun, going out night look. Just add a little more product, to give you an extra pop. I found this product very easy to blend and work with. I have been using this, everyday for almost two weeks now. It has lasted a full 12 hours, of working outside and running errands. My face didn’t look like it was melting, yes I have had other products leave sweat marks and become blotchy. Just me it is not a sexy look unless, you into melty ice cream. I found everything about thus product amazing! I only paid $14 dollars for this product before taxes and it was worth every penny. I will most definitely will be buying this again! I give this a two thumbs up! You may notice that in my pictures, the bottom of my palette is chipped. Yes it is, cry face! It fell of my bathroom counter but, luckily that’s all that broke!

Comments And Questions

I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask! ~LillyRose


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