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Ulysse Nardin Ladies Watches Review: Diver, Caprice, Dual Time,

Updated on January 6, 2015

Ulysse Nardin Ladies

Ulysse Nardin Ladies watches can be divided into two main categories: specially designed, often jewelry oriented pieces, and those incorporated into larger collections, such as Marine Diver, Michelangelo, and Dual Time. All feminine timers project a kind of a soothing harmony, which, in turn, ensues from the symmetry that dominates the entire aesthetic.

The former category includes Caprice, Starry Night, and Golden Dream lines – gold, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl become standard materials. Ladies pieces from existing collections essentially repeat the source design but in a smaller, softened variations, often embellished with already mentioned luxurious additions. Complications are kept to the minimum, limited usually to a date display. Most of the watches come equipped with a rubber, satin, galusha or a leather strap, though some models opt for the heavier bracelets.

Ulysse Nardin Ladies
Ulysse Nardin Ladies

Caprice, Golden Dream

Caprice timepieces include automatic movements with a date – not even a seconds hand interferes with the visuals. Indeed, too fast moving objects might distract from the diamonds, which cover the bezels, the lugs, the strap particles, and occasionally some parts of face (Lady Michelangelo incorporates diamonds in the center, Caprice in the corners). Large, playfully curling quarter hour numerals determine the fairy-like spirit of this line.

Golden Dream substitutes numerals with diamonds, setting them on a mother-of-pearl background. The highlight of this line, however, must be the case – a cushion like broad ring reminiscent of a pillow, alluding to the collection's title.

Lady Diver

Continues the trend of using stones instead of script hour markers – both on the dial and the bezel. Being more function oriented, Lady divers (rose gold or stainless steel) offer 100 meters of water resistance, and feature a central second hand and rubber bracelet.

The Starry Night variation (the black model in particular) replicates the sky by scattering diamond stars all over the dial. Probably Ulysse Nardin's most romantic watch.


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