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How to Unclog Your Pores for Tight Sexy Skin

Updated on August 8, 2014
Pore reducing face mask on!
Pore reducing face mask on! | Source

DIY Pore Tightening

Skip a few days of skin care, and you'll notice your pores look larger and a couple of pimples showed up to the party. Talk about uninvited guests! The message in this is simple: Consistent care of skin reduces pore size, unclogs pores and banishes breakouts ... or at least most of them. Skip the fancy chemical peels and facials in favor of daily DIY treatment, which costs a lot less and will keep your skin looking better in the long run (the consistency part). Get ready to glow, girl!

Nightly Face Routine to Reduce Pores

Wash your face daily, and make sure your fave cleanser is oil-free. Choose a cleanser that's made for your skin type, whether that's oily, sensitive or normal, and look for one containing salicylic acid, a known pore-tightener. Also, don't fall asleep with makeup on, which you would totally never do since you're washing your face each night, right?

Follow up cleansing with a facial toner, applying the toner with a cotton ball. Toners seep into pores for a little behind-the-scenes de-gunking, leaving you with tighter and cleaner pores.

Include a pore-minimizing cream in your beauty routine, applying it nightly. Use an over-the-counter cream or, for an extra boost, get a prescription for a topical retinoid from your dermatologist.

Weekly Pore Minimizing Treatments

Exfoliate one to two times a week using a fruit-powered scrub. Rub the exfoliant over your skin gently; don't press too hard or you'll aggravate skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells so they don't clog your pores.

Go spa-centric once a week with a DIY facial steam followed by an at-home facial mask. Choose a mask designed to reduce acne or remove oil, then slather the mask on while you chill out. The facial steam will degunk your pores, so they appear smaller. The mask will target impurities and imbalances in your skin that enlarge your pores.


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