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Under Armour Coldgear Longsleeve Mock Review

Updated on April 20, 2010

Under Armour is making a name for themselves by providing their customers with clothing that is aimed for indviduals with an active lifestyle. The Under Armour Coldgear Longsleeve Mock turtleneck is a great shirt for sports and tactical use. This shirt is a bit pricey. At $50 retail, it's not cheap. Don't expect the price to change anytime soon. It's been that way for almost a year. A quick overview, this shirt is light, tight fitting and feels great on the skin. But is this shirt worth it? Well, I bought it and I'll give you what I think of it.

Word of Mouth

I was referred to Under Armour by 2 friends that swear by it. I was a bit reluctant to make the purchase looking at the price tag. However, as the seasons change and wind chills pick up, i decided I need a good base layer to keep my core warm. If you are into the outdoors or are active, you know that a big puffy coat is not the way to go when dealing with the cold. The proper way to stay warm is by layering and layering starts with a base layer. For a few years, I would start my layering with a muscle shirt and a mixed blended thermal. Times have changed and I can say that this will be my new base layer. This Mock turtleneck is made up of 65% Nylon, 21% Polyester, and 14% Elastane. Synthetic materials are the way to go to keep you confortable. While cotton keeps you fairly warm, when cotton gets wet, it stays wet. When you start to sweet, you want that sweet off ur clothes fast. This synthetic blend does a few things. It keeps you warm and comfortable while wicking away moisture.

Best $50 Spent

I bit the bullet and purchased a shirt. I picked up a size large and the key to picking an Under Armour is to get the shirt tight fitting. This is a base layer and it needs to hug your skin. On a cold bike ride home, I stopped by a sporting goods store, Olympia Sports and picked one up. After opting for the size large over the medium, I wore it out. Immediately, I noticed that it was keeping me fairly warm. I was surprised. I worked up a good sweat on my bike ride home and decided to go for a late night jog. It was cold. The air must have been around 35-40 degrees F. So during the jog, I got sweaty. With the Under Armour, I didn't feel uncomfortable. I was sweating through the shirt but i was not bitterly cold like I would any other cotton blend shirt. It was pretty awesome. After a 5-ish mile jog, I got home and peeled my clothes off. It was a bit hard to take off. I felt good. The season is almost getting there and I gotta say, this was $50 well spent. I will not buy a big coat this year. Layering is the way to go and this shirt as a base layer is the best thing you can put on. It's light, tight fitting, surprisingly comfortable when on, and it keeps you warm. The way it deals with sweat and moisture is something to behold. you really have to try it for yourself to really appreciate the quality.

Under Armour Gear

It's a great fit
It's a great fit

I was so impressed with this shirt, I am seriously considering their leggings, gloves, and face mask to complete my winter gear. Biking in the winter is no fun. If you are in my situation or if you are active/athletic, grab this item. Your body temperature changes so often when you are moving, you need to keep it regulated. If you are into tactical style gear, this shirt would be great. It's sleek and light and it will outperform anything cotton. This shirt will do the job and treat you good!

Are you active? How do you rate the Under Armour?

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