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Underarm Whitening Reviews

Updated on June 12, 2010

The South Beach Skin Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas is rated as the best underarm whitening product.  Using all natural ingredients, it effectively whitens the armpit without any irritation or allergic response that whitening products are prone to.

There are many products out there that are great for whitening underarms.  There are easy to use products such as underarm whitening deodorants, soaps, lotions and creams.  Then there are the more comprehensive solutions such as chemical peel kits that are specifically formulated for whitening dark underarms and then soothing the sensitive area with vitamin enriched creams. 

No matter which type of product you choose there are going to be brands that are terrific and deliver as promised and then there will be products that seem to take forever if it's even whitening at all.  Below are some of the products that I've found have fantastic results for underarm whitening.

The Best Underarm Whitening Cream/Lotion/Gel

I'll start off with topical whitening treatments; I grouped the underarm whitening lotions, creams and gels together because they work in essentially the same manner.  With any of these topical treatments you apply a moderate amount of the product to your underarms twice to three times a day.  I've been using various underarm whitening lotions and creams for what seems like an eternity now in an effort to make my armpits look lighter and more even.  I started out with some of the more economy creams thinking that they all work the same.  I tried some of the Daggett & Ramsdel products as well as the Fair & White creams and noticed very little to no difference whatsoever.  I was a little hesitant to move up to some of the more expensive creams because I was starting to think that none of the underarm whitening products worked.

So before I purchased any more whitening creams I did some research; I mean a lot of research.  I looked all over the internet, at the university library, e-mailing people online who had left reviews on different websites.  I learned all about the different skin whitening chemicals such as: hydroquinone, alpha arbutin, mulberry, Kojic Acid, Papaya extract, Glycolic acid. 

Basically what it came down to was that the skin would have places that had more melanin (a chemical used to protect the skin) which caused hyperpigmentation.  Now when it comes to whitening your skin you can either reduce the melanin formation or remove some of the dead skin that has built up that still has the melanin present.

From what I've found, the most effective underarm whitening creams are those that use all natural ingredients.  This means that they avoid some of the chemicals such as Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone which have been shown to produce harmful side effects such as liver and kidney damage as well as certain types of cancer. 

The South Beach Skin Lightening Gel is a product that has worked wonders for me when trying to even out the discoloration in my armpits.  It's specially formulated for sensitive areas, like the armpit, and reduces some of the inflammation associated with shaving and waxing.  It's a little on the expensive side but I've never had an issue with any allergic reactions (some creams are known for this problem), I don't have to worry about potential side effects, my underarms are lighter and more even colored, and I don't get that chicken skin effect after I shave any more.

The Best Underarm Whitening Deodorant

Another popular way to whiten underarms is by using a deodorant or antiperspirant that has some of the same whitening compounds.  The beauty of this is that putting on deodorant is something you have to do everyday anyhow, so why not use a whitening deodorant? 

The best whitening deodorant that I've found is the DERMAdoctor Total NonScents antiperspirant.  It uses a proven alternative whitening chemical called aluminum zirconium tetrahydrochlorohydrex glycene which is just as effective as aluminum chloride at preventing sweat and odor but doesn't react with the skin.  Normal deodorants react with the skin to produce a darkened coloration which is part of the melanin formation.  The alternative chemical has been proven to not react and therefore there is no melanin response; leaving whiter, cleaner looking armpits. 

Now bear in mind that this is a slow and subtle change.  Using whitening deodorants help to prevent the melanin response which occurs from using deodorants but it can't help with the body's reaction to shaving.  Shaving or waxing produces inflammation which is the body's natural defense mechanism.  Part of the response is the production of melanin which darkens the armpit (and knees too) and it doesn't necessarily happen evenly.  This is why I use both an underarm whitening gel and the DERMAdoctor deodorant.


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      Beeb22 6 years ago

      You might wish to check the spelling of the chemical you mentioned above. The correct spelling is: aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine.