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Underarm Whitening - options on how to whiten underarms

Updated on May 22, 2010

Many people use underarm whitening and peeling sets, such as Dermaline underarm whitening kit, as a comprehensive solution for dark underarms

With the arrival of spring, many of us our dusting off our summer wardrobes in anticipation of the nice weather to come.  However, it can be really embarrassing wearing your favorite sundress when you're so pre-occupied by your dark armpits.  Even though they're not, they look dirty and disgusting and it can really affect your confidence and self-esteem.  So it's only natural that you'd want to see what options there are for underarm whitening.  Having these concerns myself, I've looked into what options are out there, what it would take to whiten underarms and how much these options cost.

What causes skin discoloration

In order to whiten your underarms effectively, you have to understand why they're dark in the first place.  It turns out that there are two main reasons for underarm discoloration and blemishes. 

The first has to do with your body's reaction to deodorant.  Most of the popular deodorants and antiperspirants use harsh chemical additives that react with your body, in particular with the sweat glands, to create a dermal discoloration.  This is a gradual effect that happens over time. 

The second reason for dark spots under your arms is due to the irritation of shaving and waxing.  In fact any of the hair removal treatments (shaving, waxing, laser removal, depilatory creams) have the potential to irritate the skin causing a chicken skin effect and causing discoloration.  Unless you're willing to live with hairy armpits, you'll still be shaving or something so there's no way around this.

Options for Underarm Whitening

The good news is there are several options for underarm whitening that range from complicated medical procedures to over the counter creams and lotions.  Each option works a little bit differently and how effective it is usually is related to how much it costs. 

It's also important to point out that before trying any of the following options, you should make sure to consult a dermatologist to make sure that you're both choosing a safe underarm whitening treatment and that it's the best result for you.

Over the Counter Skin Lightening Lotions

The first whitening option you can use is skin lightening lotions.  These are all purpose skin lightening lotion meant to fade dark spots and even out your skin tone.   There's a large variety in these whitening lotions because they use different formulations and ingredients to lighten the skin.  One thing to beware of when using these types of lotions is that a common ingredient used in these formulas is hydroquinone which has been linked to numerous health issues including kidney and liver problems.  Using the skin lotion will help whiten your underarms; however, it is only treating a symptom and not getting to the root of the problem.  So you will have to use the lotion indefinitely which can get quite expensive.

Whitening Deodorant and Antiperspirants

Another popular option is to use an underarm whitening deodorant. There are several deodorants on the market that use alternate ingredients (e.g. Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine) that are effective as an antiperspirant but don't react with your body to create discoloration. This option is by far the easiest way to whiten your underarms because it's something you do everyday anyhow; all you have to do is switch deodorants.

Underarm Peeling Kits

A third option is using a do it yourself underarm bleaching kit.  This offers a more comprehensive solution that uses a green peeling oil to perform a gentle chemical peel that removes the top layer of discolored skin, revealing the brighter underlayer.  In addition, these kits offer a post-bleaching treatment to maintain your whiter underarms.  What it does is replace the harsh everyday deodorant with a deodorant containing Aluminum Chloride and Melawhite which is an odorless antiperspirant that is prescribed for hyperhydrosis.  Finally, it offers hydrocortisone cream which is a common topical steroid which will reduce any inflammation that may occur.

One popular brand is the DERMA underarms whitening and peeling set which is a very popular underarm whitener advertised across the internet.  What I've found and had really good success with is the Dermaline underarm whitening kit that has all of the same ingredients at approximately half the cost.  When I bought it at Amazon it was only 30 bucks.

Medical Treatments and Procedures

The last option for underarm whitening is undergoing a medical treatment or therapy.  There are a variety of procedures nowadays that are safe and effective at lightening dark underarms to bleach the skin.  One such procedure is an ultrasound therapy that uses water to gently exfoliate your armpits.  Another procedure uses a vitamin cocktail and is injected into the armpit over the course of 6 sessions.  As with most medical treatments, these can be expensive but you do get what you pay for.  Be sure to consult a dermatologist before signing up for one of these treatments.

These are just an overview of the options on how to whiten underarms.  Each method works just a little big differently and will cost accordingly.  It's also important to note that each method will have different levels of effectiveness and that there are different risks associated with each method.

As always, it's important to consult a doctor before doing anything with your body.


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    • profile image

      Jennifer 7 years ago

      There are really many options in the market. I've tried kate jones underarm whitening. It's also very popular online. It's about USD24.00.

      When my skin lightens even more, I'm going to save for laser hair removal. I heard it works better to avoid shaving and plucking.

    • profile image

      sophi 7 years ago

      hi. i just wanted to know if the underarms peeling set is really effective? I"m just scared it would turn out all wrong.

    • bonnebartron profile image

      bonnebartron 7 years ago from never one place for too long

      hmm, i would never have thought about this kind of treatment! interesting!