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Understanding Lenses

Updated on March 18, 2015

When Is It Most Important to Wear Sunglasses?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology advocates wearing sunglasses anytime one is outdoor, particularly when:

  • It's summer (when UV radiation is at least 3 times higher than it is during winter).
  • You're at the beach or near water.
  • You're outside at high elevations.
  • You're participating in snow sports.

In addition, if one has an eye disease, have had cataract surgery or are taking photo sensitizing drugs, then they should prefer to wear sunglasses whenever they go outside.

No wonder. Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, reduce eye strain in bright conditions and protect us from flying debris and other hazards, it is imperative to have good insight of lenses so that we can elect judiciously from the bunch of sunglasses available in market.

Choosing The Right Lens Tint.

Tinted lenses also known as absorbing lenses are more than merely a fashion accessory-they have huge impact on the performance of athlete, spectator, and outdoor lovers. Tinted lenses can reduce glare, enhances contrast and beautifies the depth perception. Wearers can choose the intensity of the tint for more light transmission, or less. Tints filter light in different ways, some tints enhances the colors whereas the others distort them. One must be careful in choosing the tint color as the tint color may be attractive but it may not be suitable for your particular lifestyle.

Gray Tint – Gray Tint is best suitable for general purpose use like driving, water sport and outdoor sports lover like for baseball players, tennis players, football and soccer players, as this is one neutral tint that reduces glare and brightness.

Yellow/Orange Tint – Best suited for activities such as skiing, mountain biking, hunting, aviation, tennis and target shooting .it increases contrast in foggy, hazy conditions and other low light conditions it also filters out blue light that can hamper focusing .The Yellow/orange tint lenses makes the object appear sharper, however it also distorts the color to an extent.

Green Tint– Sports aficionado should preferably go for green tints as along with reducing the glare and transmits all color evenly it also offers high contrast and visual sharpness. Green Tinted glasses helps in reducing eyestrain in bright light. It can be a wise choice in rainy as well as sunny day.

Amber/Brown Tint – Golf, tennis, high altitude sports, fishing, boating, sailing, or any sport where distance needs to be judged should choose amber and brown tints. These tints increases contrast and visual ability and also reduces glare, which brightens vision on cloudy days.

Rosy TintsThe rosy tints would be a treasured possession for the computer savvy as it reduces the glare and eyestrain. The rosy tints are very soothing and comfortable for longer wear –times. It provides good road visibility and enhances visual depth.



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