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Hair Extensions 101

Updated on June 29, 2014

There's No Such Thing as Cheap High Quality

When you start researching hair extensions, do not expect to pay less than $150.00, unless you're only going to wear them for only a few times. If you are not planning for everyday wear I suggest going to Sally's Beauty Supply. However, if you are planning to transform your hair from short to long every day you need to spend some money if you want it to look good. If you don't, you will end up with hair that has withered away and sheds like a Great Pyrenees. There is no point in forking out a hundred dollars for something you'll have to replace in two weeks. In my opinion, that is a big waste of money. I would suggest a budget between $200-$300. I have never spent more than that on extensions.

How Much Hair Do You Want?

A big issue when looking for hair extensions you should know how much hair to buy. If you have really thin hair you might want to go for a thicker set to get more volume (the grass tends to be greener on the other side.) However, women with thin hair can make both thick and thin sets blend and work with their hair.

If you have thick hair you might want to go with more of a medium set. Girls with thick hair have it a little tricky in the hair extension world. If you go too thin you could end up with the extensions not blending with your hair like you might want. If you go with a set that is massively thick it could tangle and knot up with your hair. I've noticed that sets around 200 grams work well with thicker hair.

How to Choose a Brand

Choosing a brand of extensions can be very frustrating and complicated. Once you've narrowed down what you are looking for in a set it seems as though every company is the same. Start looking for reviews online. The best people to listen to are those who bought their own hair extensions. Yes, those who have low-quality videos and have 2 subscribers. Those girls don't have much to lose from a negative review. The huge beauty gurus tend to have those hair extensions sent to them for free by the company. The reviews become biased and you're left with an empty wallet and crappy hair. Even though their videos are pretty to look at, you should stick with the low-quality, Iphone videos.

What Brand Do I Recommend?

My hair extension journey has been a long one. I first started out with fusion hair extensions (strands of hair that are hot glued to your strands of hair.) That method destroys your hair and looks incredibly stringy. I then went to sew-in hair. That method was very uncomfortable and the hair was destroyed within two weeks. I then discovered clip-ins, I recommend this type to anyone. They are so easy and last twice as long. They also don't ruin you hair. Here is a list from least favorite to my absolute favorite hair extensions.

  1. Sally's Hair- They last for two weeks and don't have much volume nor length. If you're wanting to go to prom or wedding, these are the extensions you want. Definitely for beginners and not for everyday use.
  2. Bellami Hair- This brand is definitely overrated. All the beauty gurus go on about this brand and it is definitely not worth it. Within a few weeks my hair was absolutely destroyed. Over half of the clips fell off and it lost about six inches of length. Sally's hair is almost better than Bellami, however they offered excellent customer service and advice. Not for everyday use.
  3. Luxury For Princess- This brand was my favorite for a long time. They had great customer service and hair. You can use these everyday and they won't shed or shrink. However, when you first pull them out of the bag they move and glossy but after a week of wear that goes away. It still remained to be good hair but I was sad that it didn't maintain that glossy look.
  4. Cashmere Hair- This is my absolute favorite brand. They are a young company that is based in Beverly Hill. I found out about them through the show Shark Tank. Their product amazed me when I watched that episode, I remember really wanting those hair extensions. Recently I died my hair blonde and needed new hair, so I tried them out. They are amazing. They behave like my hair, they shine, they don't tangle, they maintain themselves. I went on vacation and went to a water park with chlorine and they didn't change at all. Definitely my favorite brand.


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