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Underwear Choices for the New Low Back and Backless Dress Trend

Updated on October 13, 2011

The Spring fashion for baring your back brings with it some problems in the underwear department. Obviously bra straps are a big no no, so for those of use who cannot bear to go bra-less, this trend seems set to pass us by. In addition, the more risqué aspect of the fashion that sees evening wear revealing a cheeky hint of bum-cleavage brings its own demands on your underwear. Visible panties are hardly elegant, but can we really be expected to leave the house completely without our undies? Thankfully, those nice folks in the world of lingerie have been kind enough to provide us with some ingenious lingerie choices that solve the backless dilemma.

The beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones shows us how it's done
The beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones shows us how it's done

Invisible straps

The good news is that there are several options for supporting your assets while wearing a backless dress. Low back bodies and basques will do wonders for your figure, smoothing out any lumps and bumps while keeping your bust where it should be. There are also many convertible bras that can be worn halter neck and backless.

The cheapest option however, may be to buy a bra extender strap. Simply hook one of these onto your bra strap, wind it around your body and hook to the other side. You can then move the strap to the required position and still wear a comfortable, supportive bra.

‘Magic’ bras

Another option is the stick on bra. With no straps at all, this is a perfect solution to the backless problem. Simply held in place  by a sticky band-aid , these can even be trimmed to size if you have a particularly low-cut dress. However, due to the lack of straps, these bras are not very supportive. Brilliant idea - for those with smaller chests.

Nipple concealers

If you are comfortable with the prospect of going bra-less, but fear the effect of a chilly breeze, you could try nipple concealers, or covers. These simply stick on and create a modest, smooth silhouette - helping you to avoid embarrassment. Don’t try using a band aid - it will be visible and will hurt like hell when you remove it!

Going commando?

If you are daring enough to go all the way with this trend and opt for the bum-grazing evening wear, you’ll be wondering what to wear down below. Again, going without is an option, but thankfully it’s not the only one. There are many low back knicker styles available that will work well with the backless trend, including thongs to avoid a visible panty line. However, a cheaper solution is to alter a pair that you already own - just cut a couple of inches out at the back, sew up, and ta da - your very own bespoke low-back knickers.

With all of these fabulous lingerie solutions available, there’s no excuse for hiding from this trend or looking bad whilst wearing it. Just shop around, follow my hub on finding a well-fitting bra and you’ll be all set to be right on-trend.


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