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Unique Bridal Bouquets You Would Like To Cherish

Updated on November 10, 2014

While preparing for her wedding, a bride is keen about her overall looks. It is a very special day and she must look outstanding. Along with her wedding gown and jewelry, her bouquet too is an important part of her persona as a bride, when she walks gracefully down the aisle. Here are some unique bouquet ideas, which will make a bride stand out in the crowd.

Sea-shell Bouquet

This bouquet is a fantastic addition to the bride’s ensemble, especially in a beach wedding. The sea-shells of numerous colors, shapes and sizes, tied together with wonderful creatures like starfish and sea-urchins and aquatic plants is splendid to look at, and makes the bride look outstanding.

Pearl & Crystal Bouquet

Pearls are perfect match for a wedding gown, because their color is same as that of the bride’s dress. And when they are combined with shining crystals, they look very pleasant and the bride carrying the pearl & crystal bouquet looks more beautiful than ever.

Crystal Bouquet

Crystals are equally beautiful and matching with a bridal gown, as pearls. A bride carrying a dazzling collection of starry crystals is definitely unique.

Ribbon & Lace Bouquet

Colorful satin or silk ribbons and delicate lace is a perfect combination for a bride’s bouquet. You can choose white, ivory or colorful ribbons for your special day.

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A pinwheel is also a fantastic idea to carry as a wedding bouquet. You can choose to carry either one single big colorful pinwheel or a bouquet of small pinwheels.

Glowing Bouquet

Add a touch of science to your bridal beauty by carrying a bouquet of glow sticks. This is another unique idea and you can flaunt your bouquet in night parties.

Plush Toys Bouquet

The idea of a plush toys bouquet is fantastic. A bride carrying a bouquet of her favorite childhood cartoons or teddies is a topic of admiration of every guest. The cartoons sat together in the bouquet look very cute.

Balloon Bouquet

This collection of smiling comical faces in the bride’s hand looks very cute. You can also shape the balloons differently, like flowers, stars, butterflies, etc, or keep them simple, yet cute colorful balloons.

Feather Bouquet

A feather bouquet is also a lovely idea. You have a wide choice of colors and sizes of feathers and their collection looks indeed outstanding.

These bouquets will add a unique charm to your persona while playing a very special role of your life, i.e. the role of a bride. These can be DIY bouquets or you can get them prepared. And they are something which you would like to cherish forever as a sweet memory of your big day!

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