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Unique Denim Skirts Found at Apostolic Clothing's Website

Updated on May 1, 2012
Pink Zebra Upcycled Skirt
Pink Zebra Upcycled Skirt | Source

Up Cycled Denim Skirts

If your looking for a denim skirt that will catch an eye, Apostolic Clothing is in the process of launching amazing embellished, up cycled and ruffled denims skirts. Working with their partners, Apostolic Clothing has launched one of the largest collections of up cycled denim skirts. Up-Cycled means that they were once popular jeans made by gap, old navy and other names and have been redone into a skirt including fashionable fabrics and appliques. If you have a pair of jeans that you would want to turn into a fashionable skirt similar to the one to the right, you can send it in and they will transform your jeans into a work of art. Most up cycled jeans are made to order within 4-5 days exactly how you want it to fit . If you do not know your measurments, a basic size choice is available. There are many choices to choose from and many more will be rolling out for those who love modest fashion.

Spotted Distressed Denim Skirt
Spotted Distressed Denim Skirt | Source

Embellished and Ruffled Denim Skirts

Apostolic Clothing has also launched a line of denim skirts specially made to be trendy and fashionable. These skirts range from 32-40" long and are nothing like any denim skirt you have seen around. Apostolic Clothing takes pride in being a modest clothing company that can offer trendy and fashionable styles and these styles are very fashionable and unique. For those who do not know, Apostolic Clothing is a clothing company ran by Pentecostal and Apostolic tailors who have determined to create a company where all items are modest, trendy and fashionable. With that said, they are obviously on a good track with doing so. The skirt to the right is one of the newer embellished skirts called the "Spotted Distressed Denim Skirt".

The Skirt below is called the Azalea. These and much more like it are available on their website

Azalea | Source

Win one by sharing

Apostolic Clothing gives away a free item every week by randomly drawing from a list of fans who have shared a select item. To join in on the giveaway simply go to their Facebook Page and share their next giveaway item.

Sell on Apostolic Market

Apostolic Market is an open market place where modest clothing can be bought, sold and traded. If you have an old skirt, abaya, dress, etc - feel free to join this open community of purchasers and sellers.


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