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Unique Dresses for Women

Updated on October 4, 2017

Red and Black Dress

A strikingly beautiful , appealing , splendid, bright red dress which would surely arrest your attention. The 'polka dots' impart a contemporary, modish style to it.

Polka Dots Rock

Monsoon Dress

A printed, high -neck ,floral dress to be worn casually in the monsoons.

Monsoon Wear

The Stair-case One-piece

The cute pink dress having a longer back and a shorter front. It is an outstandingly delightful piece resembling that of a staircase.

Staircase Style

The Purple Silk Dress

This gorgeous , ornate piece seems to melt into the ground. Wear it to look prettier.

Silken Lava

The Dress in Shades of Blue

A simple, off-shoulder blue gown with gradual lightening of color towards the extremity. The crystal waist belt adds to its glamour.

In Shades Of Blue

Dual-Cut Princess Dress

A showy, purple long skirt supplemented with an ornamental, decorative crop-top. It is a perfect party-wear.

Dual-cut Princess Dress

Shirt-look Dress

It is as if a shirt has been transformed into a one-piece.

An appealing , bright red colored piece with self-colored stripes and an adorable bow tie.

Shirt or Dress?

The Rosy Attire

A captivating , outstanding dress with flimsy frills of charming purple-pink color.

Pink Rose

Butterfly Gown

A modest outfit , a breezy soothing dress resembling the colorful wing scales of a butterfly.

Butterfly Gown

Purple Bridal Dress

A stunning , gorgeous bridal dress studded with crystals . The floral necklace and the purple , silken texture of the dress imparts glory and charisma to this bridal attire.

The Bridal Look

Emo Dress

A trendy , unique designer piece meticulously printed. The stars on the dress impart a wonderful , artistic sketch.

Emo Dress


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