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Unique Underbust Corsets For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Corsets, the lingerie for men who take their lingerie seriously. The lingerie for men who like to be laced in, supported, even somewhat controlled by their lingerie.

Underbust corsets are corsets designed to sit, well, under the bust. They fit men who wear lingerie better than some traditional corsets which make way for breasts which just aren't there on a man. Underbust corsets have somewhat made their way into mainstream male fashion already, as demonstrated by the character Mugatu, in the movie Zoolander and in many other fashion runways and outlets. In fact, if one does a little digging, one soon discovers that men have been wearing corsets for a very long time. Men used to wear corsets in order to look more masculine (nothing holds in a burgeoning beer belly like a corset,) and to provide support when engaging in rigorous activities such as horseback riding.

Keep in mind however, corsets designed for women will fit in a feminine fashion. They may be a little shorter than is entirely desirable, though they will help a man attain a feminine shape by creating the high waist which is typical of a female figure.

All corsets featured in this article can be found at

Red Silk Brocade Underbust Corset

This absolutely gorgeous corset is a stunning example of just what can be achieved with a little silk, a little steel and a lot of love. Yes, this is a real corset complete with steel hardware for the strength and resilience a man needs in his corset.

Long Line Red Satin Corset

Longer line corsets are nice for men who want to feel extended coverage and support. This saucy red satin number is excellent not only for defining the waist, but for also outlining feminine hips, perfect for a man who wants to create a feminine figure.

Lace Skirted Waist Cincher

If you want something with a little less hardware and a little more lace, this sweet little white lace cincher is just perfect. The short corset will create the impression of a female waist, and the lovely lace skirt will adorn your body with gorgeous femininity. If you don't like it in white, it can also be obtained in a wide range of colors, including candy pink, purple, peach, royal blue, pvc black, the list goes on.

Inside Out Corset

If the traditional corsets are too traditional for you, why not try out something cute like this little 'inside out' number. The boning and straps are covered by soft black material, whilst baby pink satin covers your body. Keep in mind though, this may look cute, but it is a real corset, complete with steel hardware.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love wearing corsets as well. The feeling from them is OUTSTANDING. I have been wearing them for about 5 years and I think that they should be allowed for any gender. Also the website u mention, has some very nice and pretty corsets. Also another great article Hope. I really enjoy reading them.

    • profile image

      pantied bill 

      9 years ago

      I would love to try a corset, but I am having trouble finding one in my size. Any thoughts??

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i just love wearing corsets doesnt matter what kind as long as there tight gives me my figure plus for some reason makes me feel very femminon lol anyways i would suggest any man into cd to try them with a pair of really nice silky stockings and if u really want your breast to show wear a padded bra under the corset it is FANTASTIC


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