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Unique lace-up bathing suits for women

Updated on August 5, 2016

What's a one-piece bathing suit

There are different styles in bathing suit fashion. This hub is pushing for a one-piece lace-up bathing suit. But what are the different styles, and what exactly is a one-piece?

Most women currently pick a bikini when they choose swimwear. It consists of 2 separate pieces of clothing, one top and one bottom. The styles can vary (from a tankini with a big top to a stringkini with just triangles and strings), but there are always to pieces of clothing.

The one-piece bathing suit has only one and covers both the top and the bottom. The style can vary from very revealing to a modest variant.

Going even further are swim dresses (which add a skirt or dress to the swimwear) or even full body suits (especially in competitive swimming). We won't focus on these.

Lace-up makes a suit more sexy than a bikini

Why would you get a bikini when you can look like this?

Most one-piece bathing suits are modest, a bit boring and not suited to make you look sexy. That's where the lace-up suits come into play. If you are daring and going to the beach, open up the top a bit more, if you don't feel like it or are going to a family park, lace it up and you'll still look awesome.

Is it more expensive ? Definitely not!
You can get the white one-piece suit displayed above for less than $15.00. Available in all sizes and shipped for free.

Bathing suit trends for 2015/2016

Laces on the sides

The laces are not necessarily located in the front. If you want to get attention to your bust you can get a one-piece bathing suit with laces on the sides.

Side laces will put the focus to your hips instead of your bust. It's especially good for women with large breast are wide shoulders. Putting the focus on your side and hips is not for everyone though.

An example of a red one-piece suit with ties can be found here.

Different ways to tie the top

If you go for a bikini top anyways, there are several unique ways to tie the top to get a different look each time.
The same can be done with one-piece suits that feature string tops like the red example above.

About the author

This hub was made by Magicality.
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